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  • Franz Nahrada
    Dear all,. Michael Franz Reinisch is a person that has one very important piece of a puzzle in his hand. He has founded global milling,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2005
      Dear all,.

      Michael Franz Reinisch is a person that has one very important piece of a
      puzzle in his hand. He has founded global milling,


      Today he sent me the attached project idea and it made my head spin. That
      is why I have to send it through more than one channel.....

      The situation is this: We are at the brink of a global food crisis by
      destruction of traditional agricultural servides by a totally
      unsustainable food industry, People increasingly cant afford food because
      they have nothing any more that the can sell - and if they have money,
      they rather suffer from the destruction of food quality of industrially
      tortured plants and animals. Only if they have VERY much money the might
      escape the following alternative:

      Eat nothing at all or eat crap.

      As we have seen in "we feed the world", the smash success documentary
      movie from Austria.

      ( if you have not heard about the film read what some people say about it
      and try to see it ---http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0478324/usercomments)

      And most of us feel there must be an alternative to this whole destructive

      Recently we had a workshop on this with two major findings:

      - First we can produce robust and fertile seeds, without genetic
      manipulation, by building on a vast base of knowledge and experiment. The
      Inka culture is a paradigm for the vitality of information based
      agriculture. And we have experts saying that we are just discovering that
      they were even beyond the scientific experimental standards of todays
      support institutions for organic faming. read a short statement about the
      work of John Earls and Moray here:
      - Second we can reintegrate life and agricultural production simply by
      recreating the vitality of rural areas, for which Global Villages is a
      good concept.

      - here is good news now: third we have new and fascinating ways to process
      the grains that surpass the quality standards of industrial milling and
      give an easy and powerful way of production to local communities!

      read that here if you havent done so far:

      - so now comes quite naturally the idea to further expand the efficiency
      of the milling system by adding food schemes for the masses that are
      building on the previous advantages and combining them with food knowledge
      that builds channels like OpenSource Distributions..

      I think it is fascinating. Have good crops of cultural value, have good
      procedures to process them, have good methods of making them tasty and
      healthy at the same time.

      Combine that with a system of global information exchange delivered by
      Public Internet Access Points to support all those three

      This seems to me assembling the main building blocks of what we need for
      Global Food Security!

      I think you could just help by playing around with the idea a little bit
      more and rolling the ball to those you think should fit into the picture.
      You may just want to get back to Michael and challenge him....his data are


      ----- Original Message -----

      dear people in spirit!

      Please read the following & attachment and if you agree - please spread

      this is what can be an easy side effect of my work which is global milling.
      I have just been to ethiopia and had this "here" feeling.

      Appart of a personal finanzial puffer zone - whatever I will get as a
      payback for my work will go into - now I have the name - Tesfa.

      global milling will be a good business so I think it will work to finance
      I personaly believed that I wanted to set up the basic requirements what
      someone needs to transform itself and having a joyfull live by serving
      each other.
      I can see that it is true.
      But at the moment I have doubt that I create my perfect playground. :-)
      If you really want to know and have fun, Tesfa would be a good place to
      Anyway, I will take the "intention risk" and Ethiopia is where I want to

      So Id like to ask you to read the information, if you have any question
      please ask.
      If you have an abundance of whatever you like to share - let me know.
      If I can be of use for you - let me know to.

      sincere regards
      Michael Franz Reinisch
      Michael Franz Reinisch
      Deublergasse 6/7
      1210 Wien
      UID: ATU 57493377
      [ http://www.mfr.cc ]www.mfr.cc
      [ http://www.whitecard.cc ]www.whitecard.cc
      [ http://www.globalmilling.at ]www.globalmilling.at
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