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Re: [learningfromeachother] Chris, what is the event and date?

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Dear Andrius, Chris, Samwel, Janet and all I appreciate a lot this forum and the great work of Andrius and many members do. Nevertheless I frequently can t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2007
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      Dear Andrius, Chris, Samwel, Janet  and  all
       I appreciate a lot this forum and the great work of Andrius and many members do. Nevertheless I frequently can't identify easily    key information  regarding events and projects, or specific topics that are lost inside irrelevant information.  I like the friendly way Andrius manages  the collaboration in the Forum and I don't want he changes his approach. I would like to suggest him to put some keyword or tag to identify  a specific information. It's very important to indentify  and trace the information inside the forum.
      I ask you Chris as well, to send more clear information of projects, events and whatever you  send us. Your participation is very important because you suggest  many contacts and ideas. Please, explain us in few words the content of your message so that  we can identify and trace it, then you can add many links too.
      Maria Agnese
      ms@... ha scritto:
      Hi Chris,

      What is the event and the date that you have (or had) in mind?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      Data , "christopher macrae" RaĆ°yta:
      >so who is powerful1rus? if he had been around for longer he might have seen
      some of the history of mails; I am talking about a project which I helped
      invest in which due to one seemingly small missing link is now going to lose
      a lot of leverage it could have had with 1000 people meeting in London on a
      particular date that I cannot change
      > the implication of andrius' moderation is that he feels that powerful1rus'
      contributuion in the middle of this conversation is relevant - well I cant see
      how it is from where I am sitting but then I am quite comfy with open space
      and law of 2 feet - starting with mine
      > I am quite happy to leave learningfromeachother and other related
      yahoogroups if that is what you would like
      > chris
      >learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      > Learning From Each Other
      > Re: video camera empowerment projects around Africa - the Nairobi/Ki
      Posted by: "John" powerful1rus@... powerful1rus Sat Jul 7, 2007
      2:03 pm (PST) [Note from Andrius as moderator: John, welcome to Learning
      From Each Other led by Pamela McLean, a working group of our Minciu Sodas
      laboratory. We're always happy to hear from a new participant. This is your
      first letter so we check to make sure its not spam and your future letters
      will go through directly. However I take this opportunity to edit your letter
      to ask... in the spirit of our group please focus on yourself as an
      "independent thinker" and what you are working on that you would like to
      contribute, rather than analyzing others. Also, please identify yourself with
      your full name so that we might hold you accountable! I look forward to your
      "flows" linking with ours as we "work in parallel". Andrius Kulikauskas]
      >I'm new to this group, so my "flows" may not be linking well quite yet.
      >Chris wrote: "I am not meaning to be rude to anyone in asking that we
      >make these total assessments of why we do stuff and what outcomes
      >there are."
      >Perhaps not rude, but certainly cranky.
      >Chris wrote: "I am a project details and transparency
      >architecture/infrastructure person."
      >The underlying presumption in Chris's message is that he will make
      >judgments and his judgments will be harsh. The good thing is that he
      >intends not to listen anyway, already having made his judgments that
      >these discussions are a waste of his time. Unless, of course, someone
      >writes to him and perhaps he'll feel motivated.
      >I'll take Chris at his word that he doesn't mean to be rude. But in
      >the interest of transparency I note that the domineering tone of his
      >message does not encourage me.
      >Assessments are a process of valuing. Chris is undoubtedly sure of his
      >values. I'm not convinced that I share them. I believe that before
      >outcomes are assessed that a process of clarifying values is in order.
      >An important step will be to name some of the outcomes participants
      >hope to achieve. Then plans can be set in place and experiments
      >conducted. After that results can be assessed. Six weeks is not
      >such a long time.
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