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Re: [holistichelping] Re: video camera empowerment projects around Africa - the Nairobi/Kibera.tv examples

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  • samuel kongere
    Thanks Chris, Andrius, Maria and Sasha, I am working on the still photos and after scalling them I willl send or upload them to the wiki. Sam ms@ms.lt wrote:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 8, 2007
      Thanks Chris, Andrius, Maria and Sasha,
      I am working on the still photos and after scalling them I willl send or upload them to the wiki.

      ms@... wrote:

      Thank you very much both for your generous support of Samwel Kongere in Kenya
      and your personal concern for the effective application of these resources.

      Thanks to your vision, Agnese's travel to Kenya and Tanzania, and all of our
      generous investments, we now in East Africa have two video cameras - one that
      you purchased for Samwel Kongere and one belonging to our lab that is with
      Kennedy Ownio, and also four digital cameras that can do video - with Tom
      Ochuka in Kenya, Samwel Kongere in Kenya, Fred Kayiwa in Uganda, and I forget
      for whom Agnese bought the fourth camera, perhaps it is with Kennedy Owino as

      In making these purchases we were a little bit ahead of ourselves but made
      maximal opportunity of Agnese's visit and that has had notable impact on the
      ground. In particular, our Tanzanian community has gotten a great boost of
      energy from her visit with Samwel. Also, her care has made it possible for
      Kennedy Owino to travel now for six weeks to TheNetherlands and Italy. And
      all of this energy can be witnessed in the transcript of our chat last
      Thursday which was 2000 lines of chat! lasted 4 hours, and included more than
      20 people, including from Taiwan, India, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda,
      Italy, UK, Serbia, Lithuania, Canada, US. I was especially happy that Joy
      Tang of Accton was able to attend and see the enormous energy that we have on
      the ground in Africa and discuss projects that we might do for Accton in the
      10,000 USD or 100,000 USD range even as we were discussing how to help Tom
      Ochuka and the deaf get more chicks, or help Fred Kayiwa's father start
      beekeeping. Note that our next chat is this coming Thursday at the same time
      (4:30 pm Nairobi/Lithuania, 2:30 pm London, 6:30 am California) and will be to
      help Jeff Buderer start an "open proposal for unity centers" at our wiki that
      we can all improve and submit as opportunities arise.

      We're making progress towards overcoming the obstacles that keep us from
      sharing photos and videos. The first step is to share photos and indeed
      Samwel Kongere uploaded one photo of Agnese from the eLearningAfrica
      conference but it was very large (as such photos are) several megabytes. So
      Sasha Mrkailo scaled it down and you can see it here:
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?MariaAgneseGiraudo at the bottom of the
      page. So that is the first fruits from the conference. Now I think that
      Kennedy Owino will be bringing some materials to TheNetherlands with him.

      So now we're experimenting with uploading photos and videos. What is the best
      way to do that? My suggestion is that Samwel and others try to mail CD-ROMS
      to Sasha in Serbia. He has good bandwith and can upload material to YouTube
      and our site. Meanwhile I can create a way to simplify uploading photos by
      Sasha, too, or figuring out a strategy for that. It will take a few months
      for us to figure out the whole flow and even simple issues such as how to
      upload to You Tube takes some learning.

      I did not win the Rising Voices contest. They had 140 applicants and gave
      out 5 awards. However, they do have a discussion group for the applicants
      (and perhaps others interested) and I invited them to our chat and so several
      people came and have joined our groups. Pamela alerted me that she had
      visited the Espians http://www.24weeks.com and indeed they might program some
      software we need. So I will write up our needs as I understand them,
      especially so that our Africans might make best use of their marginal
      Internet access, and that includes the ability to upload photos. Also, more
      people have been using our wiki - thank you very much to Sasha Mrkailo for
      helping us learn - and there has even been a week long training course in
      using wikis and other technologies that William Wambura and our Uyoga
      colleagues undertook last week. And they have even started to chat in
      Kiswahili and Josephat Ndibalema will lead a new working group in Kiswahili.
      So our investments this summer have already brought fruit and added momentum
      but uploading the two-minute videos is still probably a couple of months away
      because of the practical hurdles that we are working to overcome in terms of
      getting the material out of Africa.

      Chris, thank you for your letters, enthusiasm, ideas and advice. I wanted to
      be sure to respond to your important concerns. I also look forward to more
      news from our African colleagues regarding how they are using the cameras and
      how can we get the photos and videos onto the Internet?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      Data , "christopher macrae" RaĆ°yta:
      >I find it difficult following the huge volumes of text that these
      yahoogroups generate to understand outcomes of particular investments (as
      well as large amounts of time spent by people in particular grassrooots
      activities) in projects. Whilst not being the brightest thinker in these
      groups, I will assume that my difficulty to map system achievements is one
      others have too. I also see people "counting chickens before they are
      hatched" (what's the local way of saying that?). And worse moving on (often
      because they have not been resourced to do and transfer peer to peer from any
      project wholly) to other farming before successful nurturing has given a
      project a sustainability for all it could have empowered and waved through
      parallel teams and communities.
      > Let's take the example of the investment in video cameras
      > -how many cameras were invested in and brought over to Kenya in the last 6
      weeks or so
      > -I realise there are many different potential uses of filming (my support
      of youtubing production projects for empowerment goals was just one) - please
      could you help make a shortlist which those who have used the cameras see as
      having actual benefits so that we who are on the other side of the world can
      understand how you see the cameras contributing to empowerment of whom or
      action learing by whom
      > -Then for each shortlist use -please lets make a communal assessment as
      the use completed a first whole cycle such as :
      > film made, seen by a specified group of people, this group learnt or did
      something new (with what benefit to whom) because of seeing the film
      > As I say, I ask this because I understand youtubing of films is only one
      of several uses. It will be valuable to understand the other uses, any
      experiential overlaps, and which uses have been prioritised as already
      resulting in a measurable success given both the time and money that goes
      into the whole process of filming
      > With regard to youtubing the success has not occurred yet and will in fact
      be very limited if what with all the people passing through Kenya in the last
      few weeks nobody has helped check that locals can actually upload onto
      youtube. This is not the fault of samuel or any local person but it does seem
      to me one of the most basic steps to have needed piloting while there were
      people in Kenya who could have either demonstrated how to do it or filed a
      report that there is some missing element of access in Kenya that makes
      direct local empowerment by youtubing impossible until this missing link is
      invested in and filled
      > I am a project details and transparency architecture/infrastructure
      person. 25 years ago my dad argued that it is project empowerment designs
      -neither the old command and control management nor the opposite extreme of
      self-organising - that will determine if we can map above zero-sum ways of
      developing life's potentials - sustain a networked www
      > http://www.normanmacrae.com/intrapreneur.html
      > http://www.normanmacrae.com/netfuture.html#Anchor-Changin-27687
      > If we ignore his advice now, it will be the extreme opposite of
      interacting entrepreneurship and empowerment and sustainability. (Fine -its a
      freedom of choice as to what organsiational models you all subscribe to - but
      just don't tell me later you value such system transformations and need
      empowerment investors)
      > I am not meaning to be rude to anyone in asking that we make these total
      assessments of why we do stuff and what outcomes there are. If we do not get
      clarity of experiential outcomes here, we are in a different way as wasteful
      as all the global aid programmes we are trying to entrepreneurially replace
      > I understand not everyone reading this mail can see videos online. For the
      lucky ones who can, I believe this one is superb in asking the world to invest
      in empowerment up projects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJUBpg2xcf4
      > Perhaps a few people who watch could write me individually
      chris.macrae@... if they agree. That would motivate me to spend about
      an hour of my time to make a written transcript of it for those who can't
      browse video. Perhaps there are also ways to search to see if Mary Robinson
      already relates to project work in Kenya and if so can we learn with/from
      some of those projects - even go film some!
      > A notable point is that my dad used to work with and share
      empowerment/entrepreneurial cases with Mary Robinson -though it was long ago
      they both learnt a lot from each other. If I can get to the stage of a local
      video on youtube that strongly represents your empowerment team's work, I can
      write to her asking her to review it. Of course, she may not reply, but
      similarly we can start writing to others - eg the Harvard/Berkman example I
      thought Andrius put a proposal into. There are reasons why timing matters. If
      for example Harvard can see that this was led out of Kenya before they even
      find attempts from other places that is a very different outcome than if
      Kenya only starts beaming up empowerment youtubes at the same time as other
      places Harvard has allocated pilot projects to. If there is anyone else
      reading this who understands marketing practices (I have 20 years of studying
      how they need to connect a lot of stuff coming together to be right time right
      > http://worldclassbrands.tv ), perhaps they would like to review positively
      or negatively what I have just said so that we can get to a consensus on what
      capabilities empowerment entrepreneurs need. At a project outcome level it's
      no good being brilliant at some capabilities and not fulfiling in others. In
      communications work you are never the sum of your parts, always much more or
      much less depending on how wholly all your flows interconnect, link. Even
      though I am not an educational professional (I only worked once for 3 years
      at a University's educational department and then in computer assisted
      learning) I DO BELIEVE that the same "flow does not sum parts" pattern rule
      compounds through action learning if you reflect on the difference between
      peer to peer mentoring movements that fire up grassroots empowerment and
      those who ultimately fail to sustain another local world.
      > thank you
      > chris macrae us tel 301 881 1655
      > http://kibera.tv http://africanidol.tv http://cidaworld.tv
      > facegroup travel guides to learning
      > has anyone searched through berkman links and made a map on rising voices
      > http://www.newschallenge.org/winners/zuckerman
      >Which email service gives you unlimited storage?


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