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    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 7, 2007
      --- In holistichelping@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Buderer" <jeff@...>
      > William,
      > I just read your report.
      > Thank you for sharing with us Uyoga Community's progress.
      > Are these reports posted anywhere besides in this discussion group?
      > Please note that this weblink does not work: www.tgdlc.org.
      > <http://www.tgdlc.org.tz> tz.
      > Does your group have a website and online workspace to further
      > these ideas you have discussed here and where people interested in
      > orgs group can find out more?
      > Jeff
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      > Subject: [SPAM] [holistichelping] Easy Learning-with global
      > Uyoga is greatfully and offer their gratitudes to the forom and all
      > those parcipants who ventured in Kiswahili chatt and mostrly
      people in
      > the lab,Andrius,sasha,janet and all good friends of Uyoga and
      > community at large,with the acting locally thinking globally
      > hpoe those who wish the best fro that blessed words will join us
      to be
      > happy for what took place yestarday on the ground.
      > Today we would like to share with the global communiy about the
      > Local Government Action Phase vii)ALGAF vii session v,the
      > sessions which has taken place today 06/07/07 at Tanzania Global
      > Development Learning Centre(TGDLC),a three hours venture which was
      > presented by Mr.Livison Muteked and Mr.Noah Singanke from
      > participants from Tanzanania,Uganda,Kenya,Rwanda,Ethiopia,Ghana and
      > Zimbabwe through videoconferences centres in their respectivelly
      > countries,in Tanzanai we had local government officers,social
      > organisations,private participaters,high school students from Dar
      > salaam,university students etc,Uyoga's participation was made
      > by Mr.Issaya Isihaka and the members of Uyoga who had an
      opportunity to
      > participate were,
      > William wambura
      > Abinel Emmanuel
      > Remmy Zulu and
      > Primson Lugemwa.
      > The theme to disscuss on the ground was "Policy options for
      > participatory governance and Local eonomic development",with this
      > there were very impontart key terms to elaborate and disscuss
      > were:
      > >Participatory governance
      > >Development
      > >Stake-holders
      > >Community Based Organisations
      > >Principle of Decentralisation
      > >Forms of Decentralisation
      > >Participatory governance-theoritical-analytical approch
      > >Local Econimical developnment(LED) a theorical view
      > >we looked at toward participatory LED:International debates with
      > reference from the existing Zimbabwe local governmence structure
      > >enhancing local economic development through participatory
      > Toward Best Practices in Participatory governance we talked of:
      > >Equity of access to decision-aking process and the basic
      necessities of
      > life,
      > >Efficiency in the delivery of Public services and in promoting
      > economic development,
      > >Suistainability in all dimensions of development,
      > >Subsidiary of Authority and resources to the closest appropiate
      > After all this disscusion the country remarks were brought to the
      > table to be shared respctively,where by people had a chance to ask
      > questions,comments contribution,clarifications etc.
      > The end of the session drafted another good fram for our future
      > activities where by we had an oppurtunities to chatt with different
      > participants and exchanged views and ideas and links with promises
      > futher colaborations.
      > for forthcoming sessions take alook at:
      > www.tgdlc.org. <http://www.tgdlc.org.tz> tz.
      > william wambura
      > _____
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      > the boot with the
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      thankyou jeff,Uyoga has pagespace to edit and all email posted
      allsaved in,in Uyogawork space.
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