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Re: [holistichelping] Independentthinker handbook-KISWAHILI LAUNGUAGE

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  • samuel kongere
    Willy, You are great for Uyoga and us all. I am not good at Swahili and this can help very much in rural Kenyan schools where I work. Do great translation for
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      You are great for Uyoga and us all. I am not good at Swahili and this can help very much in rural Kenyan schools where I work. Do great translation for English -Swahili. Keep it up.

      Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      Dear William and All,

      Hello and thanks so much for your lovely letter abt local languages, which is a bedrock issue and need. It will be fantastic if more is translated into Kiswahili, which in this case will transcend borders, as whatever you produce can be used in both Kenya and Tanzania.

      Bravo to you for your wonderful idea and key topic, which ties in with the holistic concept of "acting locally, thinking globally", and vice versa, haha!

      With all best wishes and blessings, Janet

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      >Subject: [holistichelping] Independentthinker handbook-KISWAHILI LAUNGUAGE
      >Dear all in the forum,thank God i have this oppotuinity to exist and
      >be able to write this article,many are venishing with death around
      >the whole global and also our dearly sisters and brothers in Darful
      >still in great human life destruction era with those fewer vultures
      >who lie beside them as friends.
      >My key topic here is regarding my Question:HOW CAN I HELP MY FELLOW
      >YOUTH IN LAUNGUAGE CAPABILITY?Dear althogh i have understood Andrius
      >propasal about our deepest values in life which contain this aspect
      >where local knowdge would be shared without launguage boumdaries,its
      >true for that deepest values to dig within them with their native
      >launguage and allow them to be shared with alternative launguage.But
      >in my local envornment i have come across many youth who could
      >provide vital contents for information within their local
      >areas,English launguage seems to be an obstacles and isolate and
      >avoid youth in information parcipations, and sharing circle.Maria
      >agnese and Samuel kongere have also experienced that stuation in
      >most cases,especial in the medium of exchange youth tend to shay
      >away and and abslutly fail to express what they are asked.I believe
      >in information sharing oe can not express his/her inner feelings
      >unless he/she is free from the sorounding nature be either launguage
      >or any other terifying factors which might hinder the freedom to
      >express.My vivid example is my fellows youth in Uyoga group who fail
      >to integrate within this level of English sociaty and hence fail to
      >present what they have in mind for the benefits of all community and
      >BUT IN LOCAL LAUNGUAGE.Local based information could be obtained
      >from Local people with Local medium of information exchange.
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