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Kibera's Woes and Wonders!

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  • nafsiafricaacro
    Welcome to Kibera, a city of it s own, within the Green City in the sun -Nairobi. Much is known about kibera, yet it carries it s own tales-Much derived from
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      Welcome to Kibera, a city of it's own, within the "Green City in the
      Much is known about kibera, yet it carries it's own tales-Much
      derived from it, less given back to it.
      Being one of the largest informal settlement (slum) in the world, It
      is an habitat lacking the vital ammenties and offering it's dwellers
      so less.
      Kibera is a one epitome of Kenya's tourist sector success.
      After the nairobi game centers and parks and the metropolis town
      center of Nairobi, it is a one tourists interest.
      In writings there exists so many N.G.O s in Kibera in the name of
      improving lives of it's habitants, yet squalid living conditions
      (poor congested housing, and poor infrastructure) dots Kibera.
      You must have heard of the famous "flying toilets" (Use of buckets
      and polythene papers for human waste disposal)

      Despite the negative potrayal, there are success stories and
      developments imparted by the youths and women groups living in the
      Despite enormous hardships and adversity, they work hard through
      humbling experience to give Kibera an attractive visual depiction.
      Through obstacles they can still take action to develop their
      capabilities through willingness to experiment, learn, evaluate, co-
      operate and voice.
      Despite their hard work in bringing change to this community, they
      often face complex challenges such as lack of information and
      experience, skeptical and resistant authorities, beureacracy that
      favour qualifications over hard work and skills, lack of resources
      and recognition for their hard work.
      nafsi Afrika acrobats have had collaboration experience with certain
      Organisations in Kibera, worth mention include; KOYLWA
      (Kenya.Organisation of Youths living with Aids), Youth Development
      Forum (bmaticha@...), Seeds of hope, and Shining hope for
      community (SHOFCO) www.shofco.org.

      Nafsi Afrika acrobats at the moment is running some Acrobatics, Yoga
      and Dance training programmes in S.t Jeremic academy and S.t
      Consolata primary.
      S.t consolata is in the heart of Kibera and lack various academic
      needs and also teachers.
      Despite the Government's policy on free education and the conditions
      set by the Government, it gives virtually no support to these
      This programme is supported by Sarakasi trust (www.sarakasi.org)
      under the Dubbelleuk Foundation project

      Also in collaboration with Koinonia community, we work along with
      the ndugu mdogo boys home and Kivuli center helping them in their
      street children rescue programme, and their intergration back to the
      Ndugu mdogo (kerarapon)
      boys-home has a drop center in Kibera, the home itself is a few
      kilometers away from Kibera.
      Koinonia (www.koinoniakenya .org) through Padre Kizito Renato
      sessana has offered Nafsi Afrika acrobats some piece of land/space
      in Ndugu Mdogo boys home (Kerarapon-Ngong) to set up an artistic
      center that will have a circus , Nafsi's offices and a theatre hall.
      Bonnie Argo through C.H.E.K.A www.cheka.org.uk- A non profit
      charity Organisation in the U.K- and Paige Elenson
      (www.acroyoga.org) are raising funds for Nafsi Acrobats to help them
      set up a home that will offer serenity, and refuge away from the
      streets to the street children.
      Also the home will serve as a center to artistically empower the
      marginalised slum children through Yoga, Acrobatics, Dance, Theatre
      and Music lessons.

      During Maria Agnesse .Giraudo's (An Italian librarian and Nafsi's
      friend) sojourn with Nafsi, we visited Joseph kangethe home managed
      by the Government.
      We went there in search of two boys in the Nafsi street Children
      rehabilitation programme.
      John and Steven with another of their friend, while in their nomal
      and ussual street exploits were confronted by Police officers and
      their friend was shot and died on the spot.
      There was a wild public outcry and the story even appeared in the
      John and steve were rescued though, they testified in the court, and
      the police officer interdicted.
      They were taken to Joseph Kangethe Home, we went there,
      unfortunately we didn't get them, they had escaped back to the

      When i write later, i will expound more on the individual
      organisations working in Kibera and also give exceptional stories
      and experiences.
      We are also doing some video coverage and hope to come out with
      expressive footages, also an interview with Mbugua Bravo ( once a
      street boy, now a street children volunteer officer), who was
      rescued and transformed by a Lady magistrate (Also former street

      Kibera's problems can't be solved without co-opearation.
      If we want to make change effectively, we must work with others;
      form alliances, build links and bridges, work collectively.
      Just as important, learn to work with people who have the power to
      "It's the nature of thought to find it's way into action'.

      Kennedy Owino.
      Nafsi Afrika acrobats,
      P.O Box 21255-00505
      Nairobi -Kenya

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