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Re: [holistichelping] worldentrepreneur.net lasting news: hosting london-kenyan most empowering new collaboration flows of youth's century

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  • tom ochuka
    Dear Janet, Thanks for helping this group we are really in ned of developing grassroot projects,soon we are sending you our proposal befoe the year ends.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 30, 2007
      Dear Janet,
      Thanks for helping this group we are really in ned of
      developing grassroot projects,soon we are sending you
      our proposal befoe the year ends.
      Continue to trust God for the good work am booked for
      15 deaf childrn in the village outside kisumu city
      they are in an inclusuve regul;ar school Authorities
      have asked mevto go and see.
      Thanks for accepting toa ssist Maureen we have her
      tommorow io the church.
      --- Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:


      Dear Chris and All,

      Hello and how fabulous!! Thanks so much for your
      other invaluable and excitng mails, and I hope to
      reply soon (there is so much to say it's hard at this
      time to toss something off...but I'll try, haha!).
      This is something which Ken Owino, Felix Masi, and
      Fred Ouko of KCYP (www.kcyp.net) will be thrilled

      KCYP is a dynamic youth org located in Kibera, which
      is doing many edutainment-related activities, and is
      in need of physical venues and also cyber-spaces for
      greater visibility. I have elsewhere mentioned Felix
      Masi (www.voicelesschildren.org), and there is also
      SIDAREC (www.sidarec.or.ke), GYCA (chapter in )Kenya
      (www.youthaidscoalition.org), and ARYI

      NOPE (http://www.nope.or.ke/V2/index.php) is an
      association of peer educators. KICOSHEP is a
      grassroots development nonprofit with a special focus
      on youth (http://www.kicoshep.org). I can link you
      with some, and I'm sure Ken-Felix-Fred can link you
      with more.

      Any way that London can help Kenya, including Kibera,
      is greatly welcome and deeply appreciated! As is your
      own invaluable work and caring! With all best wishes
      and blessings, Janet

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      From: christopher macrae
      Sent: Jun 29, 2007 12:03 PM
      To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: ghbuzt@...
      Subject: [holistichelping] worldentrepreneur.net
      lasting news: hosting london-kenyan most empowering
      new collaboration flows of youth's century

      The news that the world's largest slum has open spaced
      an entertainment space for empowerment fund raising as
      well as carnivalisation for the cost of US$ 200 is
      probably the greatest micro entrepreneurial new act of
      the year- anyway a lot better economically and
      socially than Bono's and BBC Red Nose Curtis' American
      Idol coming to shoot film, fundraise $100 mn, and
      never give anything back a cent to kibera- which
      searches so far prove to be the case
      info@... awaits verifiable news that
      american idol fund allocators have changed this

      Don Nows for kibera empowerment media/mediators :-

      RSVP1 Is there a list of kibera projects teamed by
      members of "holistic" or other empowerment networkers
      across Kenya?

      please make sure this list is known to me and so my
      empowerment network friends all over London and just
      do it now in one convergent userfriendly format ,
      -where they have an english bookmark that will do
      together with a contact point among holistic;
      where they dont have a bookmark, why not start one
      blog or yahoo/google group that has 2 line project
      entries; unlike wikis etc blog and egroups have
      individualy referenced bookmarks, something that is
      absolutely essential if I am to try and find
      colaboraors or co-funders of particular projects- in
      otherw ords www.kiva.org is not a wiki mash up and nor
      should you be in cataloguing stories/projects that
      need funding so that empowerment teams get resources

      RSVP2 can someone update me? is there still a local
      problem uploading stuff to youtube; if there isnt a
      problem can we see a first utube? We are in a
      desperate rush in London as the main 1000 people
      collaboration/empowerment network event of the year is
      less than 24 days away. without stuff I can link to
      all you work will not get a look in amongst thsi
      year's deepest collaboration city event

      chris macrae usa 301 881 1655 info @...
      http://kibera.tv http://cidaworld.tv

      ted.com's HUMAN tribe (nearest virtual community west
      gets to ubuntu!)

      http://thecooperation.tv/ : competition for the
      world's most empowering 2 minute youtube

      holistichelping@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      june's grassroots reports from the world's largest
      slum and orphanage , kibera, Kenya

      It's true, momentum is building and bridges linking up
      through the
      social divides.
      It was wonderful moments taking Maria through Kibera
      visiting some of
      the projects we are collaborating with there, she was
      utterly amazed
      learning and experiencing by seeing other than
      reading, and hearing.
      We are for the better part of this week and next week,
      working with
      James Njung'e ( Nafsi Acrobats' member and Sarakasi
      trust -
      www.sarakasi. org - employee) preparing some video
      footages on Nafsi
      Acrobats and their work in Kibera and the amazing and
      interviews and stories (a street boy transformed by a
      magistrate who
      was once a street girl).

      It's immense we can do here, voicing for the
      voiceless, i bet we need
      more mini D.V.D recorders because the ones we have are
      already full.
      Lot's of images and stories yet to capture.
      I have been offline for a while because of the urgency
      of our travel
      to Holland.
      I will give a comprhensive report once am settled and
      space "cyberwise"

      We had a conversation with Andrius and am so grateful
      for all the
      links he provided me with.
      It's true, our request came in too late and with so
      less time
      remaining, we were not anticipating the same.
      We have been soliciting for small contributions from
      Anyway all the friends we contacted have remained
      positive and
      promised to respond.
      We will surely beat the target.

      We will be travelling with James and Marieke(holland)
      , also to give
      demonstrative shows, workshops, and presentations
      through some
      Holland schools and circuses.
      There after go to Italy to arrange some initiatives in
      Rome, Turin
      and Santa Marinella or Civitavecchiain .
      All this are in part to market Nafsi Afrika Acrobats
      activities and
      the projects we do in the community, hoping also to
      build networks

      Janet, thank you for the links, your spirit, thoughts,
      and positive
      " A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"
      And to all other independent thinkers, i say thanks,
      let's keep the
      spirit; Alone our ideas and thoughts are of less
      value; sharing
      together, we can do so much and transform the world.


      Ken Owino,

      Nafsi Afrika Acrobats.
      Nairobi, Kenya
      sustainability/transparency auditors notes:-
      microentrepreneur : accountability
      youtube cameras donated from Italy , Usa, Lithuania
      Labs, London Espians and www.solaroof.org ...mentor
      networks for 2 minute youtubers
      developing a theatre-open space in the world's largest
      Field Clearing at Kibera and arranging the training
      USD $ 200.00
      KES: 13200.00

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      Boardwalk for $500? In 2007? Ha! Play Monopoly Here and Now (it's updated for today's economy) at Yahoo! Games.
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