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Our Tanzania Trip With Maria

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  • samuel kongere
    DeraAll, I am back home and at my desk, I would first of all thank all members of the lab for the support and elaborative links during the E-learning
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2007
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      I am back home and at my desk, I would first of all thank all members of the lab for the support and elaborative links during the E-learning conference In Nairobi and our trip together with Maria Agnese to Tanzania. I know Maria is leaving Nairobi early morning tomorrow for Rome . I would say, we had the best prosperous trip, so far.  Meeting people and different communities along our journey. There is a lot to be done on down to up strategy; we are trying to make development reach the grassroot communities through this goal.
      At the E-learning, many were of the opinion to reach the grassroot communities with information and the plans were concentrated on higher intellectual levels. The Universities took the centre stage, with many learning institutions doing the biggest role to promote the information and education trend from down to up but the result is going to be the same. With a focus on the use and potential of ICT in education and training, the second E-Learning conference, highlighted various ICT and education initiatives across Africa and the rest of the world. In order to create the best possible mix on down to up in ICT4D trend among Africa communities, we must have community learning centers. The conference program was created through a selection of sessions involving both colleges and active actors for active involvement in ICT4D. My sessions were based on Community sustainable ICT projects, maintenance and grassroot focus.
      We met Nicholas Kimolo of futuristic www.futuristic.co.ke on e-learning trainings in Kenya in Open Source and corporate IT training, Brown Onguko Institute for Development, Eastern Africa- Aga Khan University in Tanzania, Chiara Pozzi who has started a community ICT project at the lake Victoria shore, she comes from Italy chiara@... . I came across more ICT4d lovers from Germany and Sweden , one Dr. Konrad De Bortoli a consultant in Sustainable Economic Development from Germany kdebortoli@... and Charles Y. Senkondo director of Tanzania Global Development Learning Centre www.tgdlc.go.tz who we are going to enhance further communication and collaboration with Uyoga.
      Our first task in Dar es Salaam was to see how women can support themselves by doing a more simpler and easy sustained project on poultry keeping. We visited a local area where the most life sustaining activity is poultry keeping. As a private supporter Maria is starting a poultry rearing project at Kitunda at the superb of Dar es Salaam . We looked on many issues, the mother was to produce budget for feeding, identify a partner and technical assistance. Josephat is going to do the project monitoring and evaluation, which will empower Uyoga members with responsibility. This area, Kitunda can be connected by Lucas Gonzalez endeavor http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?FluPandemic and easy assessment of chicken can be done here. We had a nice walk in this area. There is ready Market for eggs and chicken meat as buyers come directly to the producers. It is a project which you can invest much interest and I believe Lucas and Pamela can be of interest.
      We went outside the city to Ifakara. Our Visit to Ifakara was to meet Elizabeth Maria's friend working with YOSEFO (Youth Self Employment Foundation a micro-credit non-governmental org. which is having over 1000 members around Ifakara. This is a great stride to help the community to protect their needs.
      We again met Said, a young man using arts to train the children on the importance of culture, we had a great day dancing and singing with children at the art gallery in Ifakara. This showed us all means of connecting youth, children with arts to understand their culture. The children learnt how to play drums and "Kayamba" a traditional instrument.
      I had  a wonderful meeting with researchers at Tanzania training Centre for international health in Ifakara,  and improved very much on their model of demographics tool to monitor deaths, pregnancies, births and under five mortality rates. This Tool is called DSS (Demographic Surveillance System), we also use the same format for primary health care and our tool is called SITE (Standard Indicator Tool for Evaluation). I was able to compare the mortality rates.
      I realized that Kilombero Valley is infested by many mosquitoes and you can collide with mosquitoes. The area is Swampy and the researchers use community interviewers to connect with the community. The community is very much receptive and thanks the institution and the government for the initiative.
       In Dar also we had fruitful meetings with Uyoga members. It is impressing to see the adversity the members have after my first visit in November 2006. Our option was to mobilize more youths to join the network and Uyoga. Surely this is the progress we needed when we underlined our plans. Instead of fewer members of four, we are having a strong team of students and out of school youths who are happy to join Uyoga. Already there are 18 members; two new members joined our network MS Lab.
      Uyoga is already collaborating with the following organizations; Youth Collision based on building capacity among the youths in education, and empowerment www.youthcollision.com, Save Life club which promote youth behaviors and activities, Yosefo-helping vulnerable communities to build self confidence by acquiring economic power through self employment in profitable enterprise youth@....
      We realized the youths are very passive in regard to information due to accessibility and knowledge in ICT! At school they don’t have ICT programmes but they are interested in communication. We decided to counter this challenge by offering a connection through internet at a nearby internet Café, Where all the members can go in turns to access internet. There is going to be a timetable for this and we are going to monitor their participation in the Lab. Maria Agnese is going to support in paying the internet café. We thank Maria for this substantial support and human kindness.
      Uyoga is going to have a formidable network here in the region. The organization cannot go on properly due to requirements at hand; they need an office to help them register. It is a requirement in Tanzania ; they are going to be a community based organization. The members will contribute USD $300 request support of USD $ 500 this will enable them meet the legal requirements.
      As we go down to serious collaboration and connections. I, Fred, Tom, Ken Owino and Maria observing our deliberations at a meeting in Nairobi agreed to focus on a regional centre in Nairobi . Ken Owino will help in taking pictures and videos in Nairobi slums where they (NAFSI AFRIKA ACROBATS) work in training children.
      In Dar we also had had an online session with our chat. We could not access skype in the whole of Dar city. Most of the Cyber cafés doesn’t offer Skype with sound. We shared the computers and I took the sessions by giving the way of becoming good leaders in well innovated initiatives by being accountable and informative in our lab chat. I missed more contributors from our Lab but hope next time we organize a more focused topic.
      We are partnering with Maria Agnese in these activities in Tanzania . I play the role of coordinator and we need your support.
      Thanks to all! Sam!

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Information Networking and E-learning Trainings
      UDOGO youth development/Miniciu-Sodas Laboratories

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