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Snacks and Literacy in Kenya

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Dear Samwel, Thank you for your letter, which I share more widely. You are very thoughtful and it is a privilege to work with you. We re all very happy that
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 14, 2005
      Dear Samwel,

      Thank you for your letter, which I share more widely. You are very
      thoughtful and it is a privilege to work with you. We're all very happy
      that you'll be attending Africa Source II.
      Did you win some support for your travel?

      Yes, I plan to send you 100 USD some time next week for work that you
      might do for our lab. Let's think about the best work. That might include:

      * Experimenting with the literacy flash cards so that I am able to tutor
      you, you know how to use them, and you can teach children and see how
      they enjoy playing with them.
      * Signing up others in Africa who you'll meet who would like to
      participate in our Open Leader network, and explaining to them how we're
      collecting this information and what we want to do with that.
      * Put up the information that you've collected, perhaps directly in our
      wiki as I have done for George Omolloh:
      * It would be helpful if you might organize an open discussion group (in
      the Public Domain) especially with other Africans you might meet.
      Perhaps you might invite them to Janet Feldmans' new group on "holistic
      helping": http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/
      * It would also be good, I think, if you learned a little bit of PHP
      programming so that you might help me create an online database for the
      flash cards. And if you might be able to work with PHP programmers who
      might help you and others learn.
      * You might organize an open group of website builders who would like to
      help teach each other. I would like to see such a tutorial group at our
      lab. Perhaps you could sign up people who want to learn and who can help.

      These are some examples of work that you might do that would be valuable
      to us. Let's see what others might be interested in and perhaps that
      will help shape what we do and what resources we might have. My first
      priority is to invest in you as a person. You are most helpful to us if
      you participate as an investigator at an experimental research station
      in Kenya, as you have for us. Then our next priority is for you to be
      able to sustain yourself with a business.

      I note your key concept "motivation". Also, is there a big question
      that you don't know the answer to, but intend to answer? Please let us
      know. That will help us understand how your efforts might be most fruitful.

      Thank you, Samwel, for all that you do!
      I share your letter.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (5) 264 5950
      Vilnius, Lithuania
      skype: minciusodas

      Dear Andrius,

      As a matter of fact I am very much happy to the way things are moving
      lately with us in the Open leader forum. I just have to thank you and
      Janet for giving me a wonderful exposure and the insights for my longing
      career ahead for my community is very much beneficial. I have been
      stupidly busy exploring the facts put in your mail you wrote, if
      anything fostered can be fulfilled using the new findings. This will
      mean going back and reducing the snacks proposed budget and that is not
      bad provided we have a start for the business a head of us.

      You know that the proposed budgets can be altered giving the right
      decision to tackle the issue at hand. I so much obliged with your
      sentiments to be the business organizer and have some two people and I
      act as their agent to make the business going and this will make me not
      pay rent and something for the legal requirements. This is a good idea
      and I have braced it wealthily. What you do is to reduce the budget and
      confirm to me what we can use to facilitate the business here because
      what I did was the actual research finding and moving forward with these
      findings can do the business a good start definitely.

      But… How will I get the snacks locally here? My found partner Kenneth
      Odoyo Osodo was asking if I can give some few details on how I will
      receive the snacks and the literacy materials to store in his premises?.
      He is a wealthy of knowledge man he is one of my advisors and when I
      told him the proposed business, his idea was as the same as your
      suggestion and he is offering me a joint where I can store the materials
      before I distribute them to schools, beaches, and nearby markets using
      the services of other group members to help in facilitating business
      while doing monitoring and putting data down here for our progress as
      the organizer of the whole affair. He was constructing a corridor which
      is small and doesn’t need much rent, put electricity which is already
      connected to the premises and was happy if we could use the corridor
      when finished for the business, it is a viable area, open to pedestrians
      and other commuters to and from Mbita point our small trading centre.
      This will be our experimental camp and this is the whole plan.

      The games the children like are of animal’s expeditions, sporting in
      general, fighting games, word puzzles, swimming, soccer, netball,
      jumping, wrestling, boxing, athletics and other indoor games etc. It
      will mean you send the flash cards in PDF version and then you will give
      me some tutorials and how I can download them and make the flash cards.
      This mean your online tutorials to me are of paramount help towards
      this. We have to think of this idea of online connection as you
      mentioned here,” I think that your ideas on having an online connection
      are very good. For example, the cards could include a code that
      children might enter to win a prize, which might include more cards”.

      On this Africa source II workshop in January, I must thank you in
      advance on what you have decided to pledge for me, I am thankful as
      always you have come to MY RESCUE Whenever I have huddles here and
      there. The pledged amount will make me have a start and if I can get it,
      it will be of importance to me because I am going down the line doing
      the arrangement. With the situation at hand I will go by Road. My total
      budget stands at USD 250.00 I need to get the Yellow fever vaccination
      because my area is not a prone zone while Uganda might have this as
      other regions here in Kenya.

      The hours I have worked for the group is vital to me because they give
      me ability to know where I am going and what quality of support I am to
      the community and the international networks I am involved in. The going
      might be tougher but my involvement gives me an opportunity for a better
      working experience in the future. I know your awards will depend on your
      decision and that I have no suggestion to make for you.

      I am only waiting to see your inputs and later this will make me have
      plenty of help to our group. Let me have the tutorials then. I am going
      to join the holistinghelpgroup. Let me get your comments.

      Best From,
      samuel kongere wrote:
      > Dear Andrius,
      > Please receive this attachement for the updates of our chocolate updates
      > Samwel
      > Samwel Okech kongere
      > Nyamuga primary school
      > P.O BOX 191,
      > MBITA 040305-KENYA.
      > Computer specielist
      > Community Development diploma student
      > UDOGO youth development group-coordinator
      > http://kongere.tripod.com <http://kongere.tripod.com/>
      > http://kongere.tripod.com/welcome/
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