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Re: [mendenyo] mapping youth entrepreneurs across Africa

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Chris and All, This is very exciting, and just wish we had known of it sooner! Technoserve is an excellent nonprofit based in the USA, to which I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2007
      Dear Chris and All,
      This is very exciting, and just wish we had known of it sooner!  Technoserve is an excellent nonprofit based in the USA, to which I have just steered a young Kenyan friend with a start-up dairy business. This would have been perfect for him, for Sam, Fred Ouko in Kibera, and so many others.
      We can actually start to map youth entrepreneurs ourselves, and I know you've had a nonprofit mapping endeavor going yourself, which looks very exciting and is important for visibility, networking, and collaboration, with opportunities and growth/development resulting.
      I know or can tap a number of young entrepreneurs myself, and will be happy to do that once I can return to my work in a more regular way, I hope in August.   Keep myself and the rest of us informed abt what you hope to do, and am sure you'll find lots of eager support.
      With immense thanks and blessings, Janet

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      From: christopher macrae
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      Subject: [mendenyo] mapping youth entrepreneurs across Africa

      It appears that the Tanzanian competition and network for youth entrepreneurs announced at ted.com http://blog.ted.com/2007/06/initiatives_and.php
      is part of a wider African movement http://www.believe-begin-become.com/
      Unfortunately in Kenya for example, the process appears to have passed its first wave deadline for entries but it would be interesting to map how its subsequent alumni networks develop and whether there is some way to collaborate at future stages
      I am interested in finding ways to interview people who at the epicentre of youth entrepreneur and peer to peer currcula provided:
      1 they are happy for the interview to be open sourced everywhere that webs/networks want to debate this
      2 they have some collaboration wishes as well as their own unique way of empowering community up netwirks
      As some of you may know we conducted our first interview of a world class initiative of this sort with Taddy Blecher founder of South Africa's and the World's first free university. His open source set of colaboration wishes can be found at http://cidaworld.tv
      In an ideal world, I would like to make a book up of 10 similar interviews. For those at facebook we try to map the possiblities of that as well as collect similar sorts of interviews at our world citizen travel guides to collaboration entrepreneurs http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2344268221

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