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Oh Tom you are another encouragement for us.

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  • samuel kongere
    Yes Tom, I am transformed Uyoga member and doing great strides here we did great get together chat here with many MS members on board. We really appreciate
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8 6:05 AM
      Yes Tom,
      I am transformed Uyoga member and doing great strides here we did great get together chat here with many MS members on board. We really appreciate your advances. I did mention our discussion to the Lab and is on good end. I am still finding more to do here because we must not leave the Uyoga team behind. I hope you come up with another deaf Impact in Tanzania all will be perfect and possibly when I come I again we combine.
      Having a base in Nairobi may help in consultation but making ourselves' information houses where we can collect and get information from the locals and foreigners, is the big  idea. We are to polish this before we find reasons. You are based near Kisumu you can host visitors there at home not hotels. I  have started home reception for friends coming in to the Island. I thank Maria Agnese for the real commitment to have another way of connection. I hope to meet Baruk as i reach Suba. We are planning another meeting with all Uyoga members tomorrow to see their plans and see what  they can do for us in the the Lab. we think they should get a computer at least to help them in their activities and information.
      I did enquire this information about the Carpenters kids and given Dodoma and Dar are wide apart, we can arrange later to go there with the Help of Uyoga members. We can entrust them with this duty, What do you think? I will to time to arrange with you and even confirm from Peter the exact place and Name of the Parish. You know Tanzania is a very big Country.
      I give myself another one week to start sending you some photos for the Utube. it is great to see more openness but in Dar , there is no proper connection for Internet and even international calls. For Kibera Nafsi Afrika are doing the first clips and I send them immediately I come home. I am very thankful to your support and links.
      You are a lost buddy, I eagerly waiting for anything from you and will explode with enthusiasm. I have not met Ibrahim helkano but he can call me at this No +255786009491.
      Isha is not in Dar but jetting inn from Kenya tomorrow, I hope I meet him to connect with Uyoga. We met Amon Mkonga again he is doing promotion of Condoms and advertisement the local dailys, great
      As we search for help and connection for Uyoga. There is a Friend here who sells used computers from Holland and can help us get a computer for Uyoga members. You brainstorm over this and communicate.
      We are going to Ifakara on Monday. There we visit a research center for Malaria Control and see some herbalists. Otherwise we are together and is great moment .
      Cheers from Dar,
      Sam & Maria.

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Information Networking and E-learning Trainings
      UDOGO youth development/Miniciu-Sodas Laboratories

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