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  • David mutua
    Dear All, I am still there struggling with the bad cold with sore throat, After the eLearning 2007 have been preparing for the COL (Commonwealth of Learning)
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 5 1:47 AM
      Dear All,
      I am still there struggling with the bad cold with sore throat, After the eLearning 2007 have been preparing for the COL (Commonwealth of Learning) sponsored Open educational resources workshop at ICRAF Nairobi that i am now attending, i had to miss the last meeting and East Africa Telcenter network for this workshop.
      Sam and Maria i really tried my best to meet with you, though met Sam shortly when i had a meeting with David Hallow and Gbenga Sesan.
      My time at the conference was spend on arranging and meetings with people i had met before and creating new collaborations, Isah and I also had a short meeting.
      Pam, I also met Tunde Adegbola of Alternative Languages Technology Initiative and Margaret was around too.
      I will not be able to join you at the webinar because i am at the workshop.

      Pamela McLean <pam@...> wrote:
      fdkayiwa wrote:
      > ---I guess Pam should invite and tell us what time to get on the webinar
      > in conjuction with sam
      Fred and everyone
      # Invitation - My thinking is that everyone who is reading this is
      invited - including lurkers (people who read, but have not yet written).
      I won't write any specific names, but I am also sincerely hoping this
      e-meeting will include as many as possible of the people who have
      already demonstrated an interest by:
      ~ being at Andrius' Webinar, or the simultaneous chat room, where
      Samwel's Webinar was originally suggested
      ~ by helping people to get headsets
      ~ by posting emails related to Samwel's work or the Webinars.

      # Timing - The original Trainerspod Elluminate Webinar was scheduled as
      3.30 for a 4pm start (GMT). I imagine we will stick to the same time,
      unless Samwel and Andrius suggest otherwise. With Trainerspod the first
      half hour is used to get familiar with the technology, and for informal
      "meeting and greeting" before the serious discussion begins. I think it
      is a useful approach, to have some informal time first, and I also hope
      that when it is officially over we will have a little time for informal
      chat before we go our separate ways, but I feel it is up to Samwel and
      Andrius to decide how long things should last and how they want to use
      the time

      # Where - Andrius chat room - http://www.worknets .org/chat/ and Skype
      http://www.skype. com/intl/ en-gb/

      # How things may go

      I'd like to share my personal image of how things may go - but it is
      nothing fixed, just ideas. I'll use my "ICT4D" checklist to structure my

      # "I" reminds me of "Information" , or "content".
      This is Samwel's webinar so he is the "information leader" - what we
      discuss will be guided by his interests. If there is a power cut then
      Andrius will guide the content, based on Samwel's interests and endeavours.

      #"C" reminds me of "Communication"
      Communication happens when there are "people with a purpose" wanting to
      communicate with each other. Our main purpose at this e-meeting is to
      get to know Samwel better - and his questions and endeavours, and to
      discover how they overlap the interests of other people at the meeting.

      I hope Andrius will lead us regarding effective communication, because
      he knows us all well, and is so effective at pulling different threads
      together etc within the various Minciu Sodas groups. Also, we are
      meeting at his invitation at the chat room - so I see him as "the host"
      or "the chairman".

      # "T" reminds me of "Technology" .
      It is a good idea to try out the links before we meet, and sort out
      passwords etc for logging on. You need Andrius' chat room -
      http://www.worknets .org/chat/ for typed chat and, if you have sound, you
      can also join in through Skype http://www.skype. com/intl/ en-gb/
      Andrius will need your Skype identity if you want to join in that way as
      well as the chat room.

      I will explain a little of what to expect for any "newbies". A chat room
      is simply a group of people all writing very short emails to each other
      at the same time. The emails are usually only a sentence or two long.
      Whenever someone "sends" what they are typing it appears on the screens
      of everyone. It can be great fun, but can sometimes lead to confusion,
      because often several conversations are going on a the same time. That
      is why I suggest a chairman to help give our discussions structure.

      When you type "yes" "no" "okay" "I agree" kind of messages it is helpful
      to add the name of the person you are responding to. Imagine that I had
      written an idea, and you started to type "I agree". Meanwhile someone
      else got in just ahead of you saying "I think that's a bad idea". Your
      "I agree" message would follow and seem to agree that "It is a bad
      idea". If your message had said "Pam - I agree with you." it would be
      much clearer what you meant.

      Finally the "D" of ICT4D reminds us of "Development"
      I hope that as well as benefitting from the information that Samwel will
      lead us in sharing,we will also be developing our skills and strategies
      for meeting online, and becoming a closer group,

      I look forward to e-meeting on Thursday.


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