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Re: Aftermath E-learning MS meeting at Yaya

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Samwel, Fred, I m glad you met David, Kafui, Tom, Ken and all! and that Agnese safely arrived! Thank you all for the most exciting day of our laboratory so
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2007
      Samwel, Fred,

      I'm glad you met David, Kafui, Tom, Ken and all! and that Agnese safely

      Thank you all for the most exciting day of our laboratory so far! It is
      a glimpse of heaven to have so many people get to see each other at
      once. And I am glad that you are happy with each other and that is the
      greatest encouragement that our laboratory functions well and brings out
      the good in us!

      Please be bold in your happiness to consider what might be most
      significant for you personally and those who you might help us all
      reach. I am encouraged by your discussion of computer assembly.

      Thank you also to Janet and Pamela and all whose efforts online have
      made today possible, and tomorrow!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      samuel kongere wrote:
      > HELLO ALL,
      > The E-learning was a milestone in our midst and we have to appreciate
      > the good representation we got from Africa entirely. The three days
      > the conference took is good for enough collaboration and extent ion of
      > friends and networks. We had all pleasure and Was very busy to write
      > and comment on the many issues you raised. I do take this chance to
      > clarify what took place in the e-learning. We are going to supply you
      > with materials and abstracts from the CDs we got.
      > I took much emphasis on capacity building development for e-learning
      > in Africa and development of sustainable projects for dispersed
      > communities in the rural. I came across Chiara Pozzi and Baruk Miranga
      > who are doing a community ICT sensation in our district they are happy
      > on my joining hands with them, great people. I also helped the Kenyan
      > participants to get bursary support from the conference, in which all
      > Kenyans attending got 50 $ after my several information, I thank
      > Andrea, Katharina, Denis and Rebecca the organizers for recognizing
      > my efforts.
      > It was great pleasure to meet the enthusiastic members of MS and
      > friends, Kafui, Maria, Tom, David, and Ken Owino. Fred Kayiwa came to
      > Nairobi today and were are having the best of time together. We Had a
      > meeting and briefing at Yaya where Maria is putting up. We talked of
      > our regional cooperation and how we can interlink MS forum to what we
      > do here. Our idea is to join hands to have a tangible project/business
      > in Nairobi to formalize as our base here in Nairobi and East Africa.
      > The Computer assembling project can be put in Nairobi and Ken Owino
      > and James N'junge of Nafsi Afrika Acrobats will take the initiative of
      > making things go, instead of making minor production later to the
      > networking regions. Kafui gave all the info he could as was not
      > attending the morning meeting, we never heard from OVF Kenya members.
      > Maria Agnese is another inspiring lady who made us going , more
      > interactive and more open.She flew in with electronics for us great,
      > four digital cameras for Fred, Tom, Fred, Sam and bought one here for
      > Ken Owino. Two DVCs, 10 headphones, 3 Sound cards for all of us Kenya,
      > Uganda and Tanzania. We must thank the MS lab for energetic efforts of
      > collaboration. We particularly thank Pam and Janet for the occasional
      > communication updates and connections. Great forum!
      > I am heading to Tanzania on 2ND or 3rd depending on availability of
      > our bus. I hope to give another comment on my Webinar and clear off
      > the confusion, Pam I know you understand the commitment I had in the
      > last few days past. My participation will depend on space provided by
      > either Ibrahim Helkano or Maria's friends in Dar.
      > Cheers,
      > Sam

      Fred Kayiwa:

      This morning i rechead in nairobi after traveling the all night for
      more than 13hrs on the way
      and ihave been give a very good welcome by Tom,Samuel, Ken and Maria
      And they are very good people.
      Just hard lunch with samuel, maria,and lilian samuel's wife

      They hard anice and educative e-lerning confrence wich finished on
      3oth and it was very productive.
      we had ameeting wich ibelieve also was very good for us and we agreed
      on certain issues as we shall be reporting them wth time

      I have recieved the camera hope it is going to work nicely and ihave
      recieved the head phones for my webinar
      and samuel this moring bought some sound cards wich i also got one.

      Thanks to every body
      and thanks to amria who took trouble to carry them from europe to africa.

      Ihope to travel back to kamapala.
      thanks to maria who sponsered my trip.
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