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Barnraising at our wiki

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Tom Ochuka and all, I am very glad to hear of your good news from Nairobi! It s exciting that so many Minciu Sodas participants will meet up. I share my letter
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      Tom Ochuka and all, I am very glad to hear of your good news from
      Nairobi! It's exciting that so many Minciu Sodas participants will meet
      up. I share my letter with some of our groups.

      At the top of our websites http://www.ms.lt, http://www.worknets.org,
      http://www.myfoodstory.com you can now see fresh information: "Meet with
      us!" "Chat with us!" "Wiki with us!"

      So we'll be able to alert our visitors to events such as the eLearning
      "Meet with us! Welcome to our many friends at eLearning Africa in
      Nairobi, Kenya, May 28-30"
      with a link to a page with our news:

      Also, you can see who has most recently edited a wiki page at
      http://www.worknets.org or has most recently chatted at our webchat

      I invite us all to include this latest information at our websites. You
      can find it at:
      and if you know PHP then you can include it in your web page using the line:
      <?php include("http://www.worknets.org/archive/latestinformation.php"); ?>
      and we can try other ways such as RSS.

      Jeff, Sasha, Markus are all interested in a "barnraising" day (or part
      of a day) where we can make progress at our wiki. A wiki is a website
      whose pages anyone can edit! The best known wiki is the encyclopedia
      Wikipedia. My wish is that we learn how to use the wiki and the chat.
      They can complement our email groups. I suggest that we have a
      "barnraising" day for each of our "worknets", starting with Jeff
      Buderer's Back to the Root http://groups.yahoo.com/group/backtotheroot/
      and http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?BackToTheRoot I will keep working
      to improve our wiki technology and customize it for Jeff, Markus and
      each of us as we wish. Jeff, what day would be good?

      I also share below my chat with Markus Petz regarding his worknet
      "Meaningful Inclusion" and his activities. Markus, thank you for
      connecting me with Felix Bopp of the Club of Amsterdam. Also, I am
      interested to meet you in northern Latvia for ARTCAMP in June 22-24 and
      I look forward to learning more from you or Benesek.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      Markus: Hi andrius
      … hope you are well
      Andrius: Hi Markus!
      … Last night I came back from my travels to Austria and Hungary.
      Markus: want to check status on a few things
      Andrius: Thank you for your letters. Yes.
      Markus: hope it was productive
      Andrius: Very
      Markus: Club of Amsterdam
      … did you call [...]?
      Andrius: I need to call today
      … Thank you for reminding me.
      Markus: 500 dollar check did you send?
      Andrius: Not yet - I have to make sure the money is there in my bank
      account. Can you cash a check?
      Markus: yes I can pay it inot my bank
      … OR if you have a hansa bank you can pay it direct there
      Andrius: I don't understand
      … we do have a hansa bank
      Markus: I sent you my address
      Andrius: yes
      Markus: OK that is my bank so I understand you can go into the bank and
      ask to be put in my HANSA bank nank account
      Andrius: can your bank account accept a US check?
      Markus: account
      … YES
      … I checked it can accept dollar, euro etc.
      Andrius: ok I will inquire. Yes I have your address.
      Markus: OK
      … then I will send you my bank details
      Andrius: yes thank you
      Markus: I need to write them
      … OK
      … its safer taht way
      Andrius: yes
      Markus: that way
      … ARTCAMP
      … is anyone coming
      Andrius: when is it?
      Markus: If so then you shoudl liaise with benesek direct rather than me
      … it is June just a mo
      Andrius: the dates?
      … I should be able to go
      Markus: I look for exact dates
      Andrius: and perhaps bring our video bridges and our musicians and artists
      … where in Latvia will it be?
      Markus: it will be on ytjhe borthern coast
      Andrius: ok
      Markus: northern coast in a livonianš place
      … 22-24 June
      … sorry don† have details to hand, will ask ben to forward to you
      Andrius: ok
      Markus: benesek is his skype name
      Andrius: anything else? I have some things to discuss
      Markus: next thing
      … did the booklet of indep thinkers get done?
      Andrius: No, it will be done through our wiki
      Markus: OK
      Andrius: it is important though
      Markus: that is it that I can recall
      … thanks
      … let you get on with what you have to do
      Andrius: I spoke with Franz Nahrada
      Markus: OK
      Andrius: and he wants us to use the wiki more
      Markus: yes a good idea I lliked th idea of a barn raising
      Andrius: and in particular he said that it would be better if you used
      the wiki rather than send your letters to the group where possible
      … So I would customize our wiki
      Markus: he has said this to me
      Andrius: for your circumstances
      Markus: but the wiki was not ready to be posted to
      Andrius: that would be good for all of us
      Markus: at the time
      Andrius: yes
      … so let's work together on that
      … how to adapt it
      … And we can have typically a barnraising for each worknet leader
      Markus: I found that the foodstory.info for exampel woudl not let me
      post tge pictures
      Andrius: to make sure that the wiki is working well for them
      … yes I have things to fix there
      Markus: so I sent direct to you
      Andrius: and now I will have time to do that
      Markus: :)
      Andrius: yes I think maybe Sasha put them up
      Markus: also events peoepl need to know
      Andrius: you can ask Sasha directly for help
      … yes I will try to make an events report
      Markus: so for example this application for community currencies
      Andrius: based on dates
      … yes?
      Markus: a, I applying for it or not?
      … I sent to John Rogers and ccd you in
      … but heard no reply so far
      Andrius: I don't remember now
      Markus: well I need to knwo soon as we must write it
      … its 3 month funded scholarship in Dublin
      Andrius: did I get that letter?
      Markus: I guess so
      Andrius: ok I see it now
      Markus: it did not bounce
      Andrius: I think it's fine if many people apply
      … but the chances of winning are small
      Markus: true
      Andrius: I think it would be best for us if you wrote more about your
      "endeavors" - thank you for what you did write - and how they are
      connected with your deepest value and investigatory question
      … questions
      … and that will make sure that you have a "master plan"
      … that we can all support
      Markus: but i do not want t oappply weakly and if john can help me write
      strong one that will succeed
      Andrius: rather than be scattered.
      Markus: well my master plan relies on me being in a stable long term
      … and then I am settled somewhere
      … and that has not happend yet
      Andrius: This is probably not helpful then.
      Markus: everyone has their own religion and way of being
      … No not really
      … so until then I do other things that increase my skills portfolio and
      help others
      … and also give out my thoughts and directions in many inter-relating ways
      Andrius: At our lab I think it's most helpful for you and for us
      Markus: I also have many cross cutting inititaives and directiopns I support
      Andrius: if you think out loud about your own master plan
      … what inside of yourself are you trying to manifest.
      … ?
      … and then you are more profoundly defined
      … and you can help more profoundly
      … and there is more signal and less noise
      Markus: how can you define the wind and the trees
      … and the interconnectedness of all succinctly
      … ?
      Andrius: Well, think and write more about
      … meaningful inclusion
      … what that means to you.
      Markus: that is what I think about
      Andrius: yes but you don't write so much about it
      … expose your thinking!
      Markus: but I write loads about interconnectedness
      … and synnergies
      Andrius: But I'm asking that you write about yourself
      Markus: OK
      Andrius: not about ideas
      … but about your own values
      … clarifying them
      … and what they mean to you
      … and how you are accountable regarding them
      … and what is opening up that you want to explore.
      … Tending your own garden first!
      … Then it is easier for others to accept your help.
      … So for example this opportunity you mention might be very good...
      … if a person knew what they truly wanted...
      … but a great waste of all of our time
      … if they don't.
      … And if they think and write about what they truly want
      … then it's a great use of time even if they don't win.
      Markus: well this person wants to know how to bring into a being an
      alternative to money and what has worked before
      Andrius: So you see I have worked on our Endeavors this last month
      Markus: OK
      Andrius: and came up with a diagram
      … and that advanced my thinking
      … and helps us all I think.
      Markus: well when I see maybe
      Andrius: And now I can look and see what I want and others want
      … and I know where our lab stands
      … and I can go to clients and they can meet us halfway
      Markus: does it work
      Andrius: and we are not lost.
      … Well, I work efficiently, I think.
      … And I don't lead people astray, I think.
      Markus: though there is a lot of X-posting on lists
      … I did a course in strategic planning
      Andrius: And so I'm able to negotiate with clients for our behalf.
      … Yes, let's be careful about the X-posting.
      Markus: and it was quite revealling I think it could be applied to many
      of our indepent thinkers LABS
      Andrius: great
      … but best is if you apply it first to Meaningful Inclusion
      … and show by your own example.
      Markus: but it can onl;y be applied if one person facilitates it for others
      … so it cannot be done as an individual
      … or bot very well
      Andrius: I can help respond
      Markus: not very well
      Andrius: but we should start with your own garden.
      Markus: I can tell you more when you come to Latvija
      Andrius: grat
      … great
      Markus: my garden is wild
      … :)
      Andrius: that's your master plan I suppose?
      Markus: Ok take care and I will look to apply for the Dublin thing
      … can I use MS as the sending org
      … ?
      Andrius: ok I will share our chat or what should I take out
      Markus: you can share it all
      Andrius: MS is a sole proprietorship
      … so it may not work
      … but ask them
      … and I would be interested
      Markus: yes I knwo that, but the grant body wants us to be secoinded
      from an NGO
      Andrius: that you represent us
      … ok
      Markus: OK I can enquire
      Andrius: in principle I support you here
      … but please keep me posted as to what it means for our lab
      Markus: I looked at the CC stories and saw it was rather limited
      comapred with my food story
      … will so
      … ok ciao!
      Andrius: peace
      Markus: I let you call [...]
      Andrius: yes
      Markus: then i can progress the rest of that project
      … peace and out
      Andrius: ok they are closed now so I will have to call [...] tomorrow
      Markus: OK pls let me know the result ASAP
      Andrius: yes
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