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Asif/All: East Africa Telecentre Leaders Forum (EA-TLF): Meeting June 4-6 (Ugunja)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Asif, Ask and it shall be given unto ye! Here is a posting which I did in April for the event, and I m working now to help build support for KenTel in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2007
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      Dear Asif,
      Ask and it shall be given unto ye!  Here is a posting which I did in April for the event, and I'm working now to help build support for KenTel in particular. They would be a great group to link with for your/our endeavors, so I can do the intros if interested.
      Thanks much and will get you that paperwork as soon as I can! Cheers (and hopefully "steers", haha!), Janet
      Dear Telecentre Practitioner,

      Once again the East African Telecentre Leaders Forum (EA-TLF) is around the corner. This third of its kind will be co-hosted in Kenya by UgaBYTES and Kenya Network of Telecentres (KenTel) in the Kenya district of Siayi .
      For online sessions of the event (14 - 25th May), please subscribe to the UgaBYTES mailing list at http://www.ugabytes.org or see a form at this url:   http://ugabytes.org/mailman/listinfo/ugabytes_ugabytes.org .
      We are also developing our KenTel website at http://www.ken-tel.org, which you are invited to visit starting  23rd April.
      The event is planned to run in two phases: online and face-to-face sessions. The online sessions will be guided by subject-matter specialists. Each of the sessions is important in fostering learning and sharing within the sub-region and beyond about key telecentre issues.

      The EA-TLF is an East African telecentre event that occurs twice a year, with rotating venues within the sub region, and focusing on different themes. It is part of the global framework of Telecentre.org (www.telecentre.org), which includes gatherings that are focused on facilitated learning and sharing of ideas and solutions among telecentre practitioners. As such the EA-TLF uses open-space facilitation methods, in which every participant is a learner and facilitator.

      Telecentre practitioners in the sub-region are encouraged to contact the following national network leaders who are charged with selecting national participants to the event, who will be facilitated by the organizers:

      1) Sekiku Joseph (Tanzania) at sekiku@...
      2) Paul Barera (Rwanda) at pbarera@...
      3) Ken Chelimo (Kenya) at chelimoken@... 
      4) Sulah Ndaula (UgaBYTES) at ndaulasula@...  
      Participants from Burundi are advised to contact Pamela Ogwal of UgaBYTES at opamela@... . We encourage participants who can self-pay to contact their respective national representatives.
      For details about the event see below:

      Third EA-TLF Theme: 
      Event Details and Dates:

      -Online sessions: 14th ­-25th May 2007 (hosted on UgaBYTES mailing list)

      -Face-to-Face Session:  4th-5th June, 2007

      -Telecentre Visit:  6th June, 2007

      Deadline for Expression of Interest:  11th of May, 2007
      Themes of the Third EA-TLF:

      -Connectivity improvement:
      The session will explore various connectivity options that are reliable and affordable to telecentres. Ideas such as bandwidth sharing and pay-as-you-go connectivity will be discussed.

      -Management skills-building:
      The session will cover skills development in the most important areas of management that affect telecentre performance. The areas will be identified by participants.

      -Knowledge-sharing and Online support services:
      This will be an ongoing side program throughout the days of the event. It will focus on developing practical skills and an understanding of how the telecentre community can  access and use online tools (web 2.0 tools) and technology like blogging, podcasting, wikipedia, and the like. The session will also explore the existing online support services that can be utilized by telecentre practitioners, such as online support centres, online training, and online resources.

      -Partnerships for Content development:
      This session will focus on understanding how telecentre practitioners can develop content and services while partnering with NGOs and community-development groups. Ideas such as involvement with malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention and education campaigns will be discussed.

      This discussion will help telecentre practitioners to develop practical skills in identifying key stakeholders in content development, as well as key issues and challenges in identification and development of content. It will also be important in identifying ways of deepening socio-economic impact created by telecentres.

      -National network enhancement:
      The session will examine issues concerning network funding and sustainability, practitioner and network capacity building, promotion of CMCs for rural development, and enhancing e-business in telecentres.

      -Capturing and sharing our stories:
      This session will discuss how telecentre practitioners can effectively capture, assess, and share their impact in the community, using multiple tools. It will also discuss the importance of telling our stories and highlighting our successes.

      -Strengthening the EA-TLF:
      Fundraising for EA-TLF (ways, means, and approaches to source funds for an inclusive EA-TLF); how to market an event and the telecentre concept and activities; how to forge local, national, regional,  and international links; the role of the media.
      -Identification of the next host country and setting the core strategy.

      The forum will have an information point where all participating organizations can display their work, and have information leaflets and materials. This point will be kept accessible throughout the forum period.

      Hope to read from you online and see you in the face-to-face to event!

      Executive Director
      UgaBYTES - Kabalagala (Uganda)
      Tel: 256-414-370163/267247
      Mob: 256-712-314-969
      skype: sulah.ndaula  
      Email: ndaulasula@...


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