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885Touchy Information from Rusinga Island

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  • samuel kongere
    Apr 17, 2007
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      Dear Chris,

      I am sending you this touchy information and will cc to Peter, I
      understand the issue with Peter and I had to make this known to all
      of what we do in Rusinga Island.

      By doing so, I am organizing the strategy to find partners in local
      NGOs in Suba District, nationally, international Associations for
      collaboration in information and Communication Technology teaching,
      training, provision of computers-internet access and adequate
      location for attracting community wireless connection; the idea is,
      the needed associations and NGOs must have interests in ICT and love
      to get experience in Africa through information transfer: see what
      they do, if they are available to come to Rusinga Island to train and
      what kind of assistance they can provide through collaboration.

      In the long run the above idea will improve the empowerment of
      youths, increase their participation and facilitate dialogue between
      this community and different parts of the globe and other activities
      that build capacity as policy making and advocacy. Other issues we
      address are poverty, leadership, governance, primary health, malaria
      control and general community development. The group is currently
      having an office and place of meeting.

      We are already having members who are technology literate and can do
      basic computer training to other members and this forms the backbone
      of our capacity building basic analysis. Those trained on malaria
      Control are voluntarily collecting data from mosquito breeding trends
      at the breeding sites every month, doing pyrethrum spray catch (PSC)
      method in marked houses. The spray chemical is given by the help of
      scientists who are working with ICIPE. The scientists helps the
      community in malaria control trainings and ideas.

      The experience from the larval survey for the last three years now
      has made the community come up with a geographical seasonal Calendar
      which indicates months with high density of larval mosquitoes at the
      breeding sites, adult mosquito density, rainfall trends which provide
      mosquitoes with favorable breeding conditions, malaria prevalence
      rate among the islanders. The malaria prevalence timetable is given
      through assistance from the ministry of health, through screening of
      patients at identified centres.

      The research is taken further to find how people use the existing
      anti-malarial drugs. The findings indicate that many misuse the
      drugs, under dosage, buying of pain killers instead of actual
      malarial medication and the body is becoming resistant to medicine.
      The result is more deaths from malaria infection than HIV/Aids which
      is also high in the district according to national figures.

      The long term dream for malaria control in the island is to do actual
      larval control on the breeding sites. By the use of technology to
      destroy the mosquitoes before they become adults and make Rusinga


      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Community Development
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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