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4854World Summit Youth Award: Please Support Women Under

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  • zoneziwoh
    Jul 30, 2011
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      Hello Dear all, I wish to request for your kind support on my project for the World Summit Youth Award 2011. I submitted my project on Women Under 30, which I believe most of you have come across some of the adverts online. W30 is a young women-led initiative that encourages young African women to benefit from peer-to-peer mentorship.

      W30 is participating for a youth award summit contest for the first time. On behalf of my team, I request for your kind support. There are three major ways you can support us.

      1. Click on this link to recommend /like our project or http://friends.youthaward.org/women-under-30

      2. Thereafter, you can sign-in (for none members of WSYA Friends Platform, please register) to leave your comment. My team are so eager to hear what you think.

      3. Share the project contest page with your friends/colleague/family - please encourage them to also participate
      4. This fourth way is just a permanent commitment - you can a take a tour on our website at www.zoneziwohshow.com and also join our FB Fan page :) Encourage your friends/family/colleagues to support the cause too.
      I strongly count on you and I do look forward to reading your comments. Please join me in making my dream come true.
      Best Regard,

      Peace and Security Fellow
      Conflict Security and Development Group (CSDG)
      King's College London

      African Leadership Centre (ALC)
      Nairobi - Kenya





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