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  • Janet Feldman
    Jan 16, 2011
      Dear Wendi, AK Friends, Pam, Andrius, and Everyone,

      How marvelous to hear from you, and Happiest New Year to all! It is very exciting and heartening to start 2011 off on such an inspiring note. You will undoubtedly be in a better position to get grants for your ICTs-related and other programs, and the website will help that as well.

      This Drupal option seems quite valuable, and I would also encourage you to update your Kabissa page(s), too. If you can do that quickly enough, there is a new round of grants just announced by Rising Voices, about which I can post here and to you. The proposal we worked on a couple years may still have some merit, and just need some updating. Or you may have other ideas in mind, with an expanded capacity.

      The Blogging Positively project, of which you have been a part, is hoping to expand this year, and a number of activities are in the works, such as a blog page, a wiki, monthly articles abt citizen-media and HIV/AIDS. It would be wonderful to have your participation in these activities! Tobias Eigen of Kabissa is very interested in partnering with us, so that would be a good linkage for you, being a Kabissa member.

      The health and environmental focal points you mention are crucial, and of course there are links between the two subjects. I believe Pam recently posted something about the importance of addressing climate change in Africa, and I have elsewhere read about the crucial participation of women in these activities.

      Your artemisia work needs to be brought to a much wider audience, and hopefully that can be done from several different sources, including your website and participation in forums like these, as well as HIV/AIDS-related work, ideally in conjunction with the Blogging Positively project, where you could blog abt the effects of artemisia on HIV/AIDS, for instance.

      I think it would also be good to revisit solar-related ideas and activities, which links to climate change and also computer usage (ie electrical generation).

      Can I ask who you are partnering with now on these activities, ie the center, website, computer acquisition?

      Thanks so much for your kind words about me, and I return the same to you, as I am always in awe of your creativity, resourcefulness, dedication, and caring.

      With love and greatest blessings for this year, and always! Janet

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      >From: ACTWID KONGADZEM <actwid_k@...>
      >Sent: Jan 16, 2011 1:34 PM
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      >Dear Andrius, Pamela , Janet and all,
      >Greetings from the ACTWID KONGADZEM RURAL WOMEN/YOUTH Resources Development center in Cameroon which we have just recently expanded from three rooms to eight large spacious rooms now that can accomodate our members and also students who use to come to our facility for research, internships and volunteerism for some short periods.
      >We wish to let you know that our women and youths still really appreciate all the work and support that many of you had put in our work as one hand cannot tie a bundle.If we succeeded now to complete this expansion works of our NGO, ACTWID we drew inspiration from you Janet Feldman and Andrius in particular since you had in many occasions cheeped in some financial and moral support to us. For these we remain your friends and will forever be grateful to you. This supportive hands went a very long way to sustain our work.
      >Now we gathered momentum and came out in our numbers and joined hands and expanded our center. If you are interested in the many steps of the expansion photos, we will send to you . Now the resources development center is actively involved in training 12 of our rural women leaders on computer usage together with 20 selected orphans for a start since our ICT section now has eight computers.
      >W e need partnerships now too and are open to receive volunteers who are interested in coming to work with us on health and environmental issues now.
      >Presently too someone is helping us to build our website and the address is http//actwid.drupalgardens.com
      >Best Regards from all of us for this year. .
      >Sincerely ACTWID board members led by Wendi Losha
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