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3476September 4th - First Thursday topics for discussion

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  • Pamela McLean
    Sep 3, 2008
      It is the first Thursday of the month again, when we usually go to the chat room WorkNets Chat Room. There are various things I would like us to discuss, which I will list below. If you cannot get to the chat room perhaps you will respond by writing to this group. I shall be travelling so I may not be able to get to the chat room – but I hope you will have the discussion anyhow. if I cannot be there I will check the archive as soon as I can.

      I would like your thoughts on the Yunus WWP book and on various things to do with education.

      Ref the book. We have copies of the books thanks to Chris Macrae.  I want us to keep giving him feedback so that he knows it was good use of his resources.  I am very interested as well to know more about how the books are circulating.

      Even if you have not read the book yet I would like to know what you have heard about it.
      I am wondering if people are talking about it together. Is someone reading the book all eh way through and then passing it on? Are people reading a small bit – everyone reading the same bit in turn - and then coming together to talk about it? What else are people doing? What about people who are not comfortable reading in English? How do we share the ideas with them?

      There are many interesting ideas and true stories about what has happened in Bangladesh. How do the stories fit with practical experiences in Africa? How do we build on the facts and ideas in the book?

      Ref education.

      I am interested in education... not for exams but for things we need to learn in order to do things or to understand things better. Now we have the Internet it is changing how we can learn.

      I think of Mincius Sodas as my university because I am free to think and to learn here.
      Fred and I were discussing these ideas yesterday. WE both value Minciu Sodas highly. I hope he will be able to get to the chat room to help take the discussion forward. He has interesting ideas to share.

      I think we are very lucky to have the opportunity to meet each other in the groups and in the chat room  to rub minds with others and organise our thoughts.
      How can we share such opportunities with others?
      How do we encourage them to see the value of this kind of learning?
      How do we improve this kind of learning to help more people to join in?
      What do people want to learn?
      How do they like to learn it?
      How can the Internet help?
      How can we help each other?

      I am not suggesting that we try all to answer all those questions. I just put them as examples of the things I wonder about. I hope you have questions about education and the Internet as well. I would like us to share our questions. Gradually we will discover the "best questions" the ones we most want to rub minds on. we do not need to answer every question. We just need to keep asking questions – so that gradually we discover which questions are most important to us all. It is important to find out what people think is  the right way to learn.

      Please share your questions and ideas with each other – and with me - even if I cannot be in the chat room at the same time as you today. I will read everything you write as soon as I can.