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33RE: [globalvillages] Have this from Samwel After Africs source II/the way ahead for Sam

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  • Janet Feldman
    Feb 6 11:55 AM
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      Dear Sam and All,
      Hello and great report!  I have not been able to raise KAIPPG in Mumias for a couple weeks, so I think there are email problems (there is some infrastructure upgrading being done there, which is good for the longer term, but it is disrupting what little communications there have been to date!).
      I will be happy to run this by James and others then, and hope to connect you in Mbita with a larger whole (in fact, perhaps with GRASSUP, of which Kennedy Onyango and CISSO/Edtec are a part...this is a nonprofit coalition whose members use ICTs/ODL to address income-generation, nutrition/agriculture, and environmental education).
      I will not have time for the next few weeks or a month to address any details of what you've said below, as I am hard up against several deadlines during this time which require my attention. However, what I would suggest is that you create an outline/timeline for all of what you have mentioned below, to include guesstimates on finances and equipment needed, on what can be accomplished when, the varying projects you have in mind, and partners.
      This is on the order of a "logical framework"....do you know about those?  Many grants require that format/outline (basically boxes representing times, stages of project development, et al). I can send you a sample as needed.
      A "business plan", for at least one of things you want to do--and possibly something "integrated", ie with several interlocking activities--will be good to develop. Are there some among us here experienced in doing that?
      I also suggest learning about and connecting with people/orgs and activities related to FOSS in Kenya. Here are some useful urls, and read more abt a FOSS conference in Nairobi towards the end of February!
      http://www.it-inwent.net/e1526/e2370/index_eng.html  (FOSS workshop in Nairobi, sponsored by the InWENT and E-Govt Directorate of Kenya)
      http://www.i4donline.net/oct04/untapped_full.asp (a good article on FOSS in Kenya)
      Thanks much and looking forward to talking further and creating plans of action! All best wishes and blessings, Janet
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      Sent: 2/6/2006 6:09:26 AM
      Subject: [globalvillages] Have this from Samwel After Africs source II

      Dear Janet, Andrius and all,
      I have to take this opportunity to thank our network group for the good time they have taken to consider my attending the free and open software workshop in Uganda. To me time was well spent and the workshop was eye opener to me. We had lots of good time sharing about the organizations and open source skills and became very curious students. People had all the wealth of time freely and we had no time to shy away from contributing.
      Now the questions are what is next to me after the Foss workshop? And what are the questions, hopes and plans our network has for my community and ourselves at this stage and in the future?
      I had thought a few hints to make me progress to another phase, moreover I had not done something good at the ground yet. The first thing I did was to bring youths together to form a broader based organization make them aware of the Foss movement; where we action them to access other stakeholders involved in policy making i.e. educators, administrators and learners . e.t.c; access the existing infrastructure that could provide alternative solutions applicable to the environment and cost effective . this is going to help me source for fund s, suggested options of revenue generation such as technology levy, after school, community and resource centre e.t.c.
      I have also to take skills in installation, basic training for Foss, develop skills foe curriculum for Foss and find a technology system which can help my non � profit to work better. This can be applied to everything from personal business for me and what we have e been discussing;- education through literacy education and skill building of all kinds to the grass root groups.
      We need to discuss cooperation between you and the other organizations , network my Linux (Foss) tutorials and what I need to learn in using Foss. We have to devise ways of setting up craft business, literacy project( with major focus in education and technology training and research). These must be included in my campaign, I need to network, link up with a local training institute to distribute tutorials for learning environment, in terms of hardware and software for schools and CBOs; I have speed the creation of resource centers or education centers for learning FOSS where the community can gather information and skill sharing. We need to get the market which is here for FOSS, we will be the first FOSS solution center in the whole province with about 14 districts.
      The resources needed therefore will combine ICT hardware, software, training trainers ( in computer maintenance, installation - computers , for the center, community radio, cameras e.t.c. and buildings to operate from), besides these we can as well sell other tech accessories and other tech services to the people.
      We have to couple the craft business, snacks, literacy project ICT centre to make these ideas possible and real.
      On the implementation stage I will check on the ICT challenge in our community which I am already collecting out, investigating to the extent of interest and activity in the use of ICT, open up discussion to stimulate action research in this area and find out if our community can inherit the new invented technology of FOSS. In this case ICT is not suggested as a substitute for paper and pencil exercises, but as and additional resource to allow people understand their own information skills.
      I am already on the go, installed Linux in some computers at an organization here, they trust it with comments that it is user friendly an added option for the windows. I want to become the junior Linux administrator here. If more Linux administration jobs increases this option become more effective for my hoped community empowerment for capacity building.
      My hopes therefore, is to a broad skill based experience for the management of the project, project writing which I will need our group support totally. First and foremost I must have access to the hardware( computers), internet connectivity, budget costs and then convince the stakeholders, educators, e.t.c to use a Foss as a learning platform.
      I may say all the hell to you but hope our members in the forum will discuss this as my immediate collaborators, we have to plan these together to forge ahead in my having funds, written proposals, to source out cost implementations, do planning e.t.c. Janet can as well plan a meeting with me to discuss. If possible meet your project management in Mumias and share much and make a branch in Suba - District. We can start Foss either in Suba ( Mbita , Kisumu or Mumias).
      Lastly had held a first meeting with some community stakeholders and we have a decision to make on 4th Feb 2006 if we can have land to do the implementation of community resource centre. We named a lobby group for youths, a combination of all small self help groups called ( Rusinga Island Youth Development Forum Initiative ) to come up with resolutions to discuss the comparing strategy for community resource center. I am planning to meet Henry Migingo after 4th 2006 meeting to share much.
      Let me receive your comments and do all the additional exchanges, networks, posts about this. And God bless!
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