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  • Janet Feldman
    May 8, 2008
      Dear All,
      Immense thanks for your messages, and my big apologies for being so much offline lately.  There are messages from Rachel, Dennis, Ken, Charles, Ron, and Muchiri (Purple Images, ActALIVE) to respond to, and I hope to catch up with all soon. 
      For now I want to say a special "asante sana" to Rachel and Dennis for keeping us informed about the Peace Caravan (www.peace-caravan.org), albeit with the "challenging" yet very touching news about what they are seeing and experiencing.
      Rachel, I will be in touch directly later today (Friday), and hope that myself and others can be helpful to the invaluable work that you and others are doing.
      With love and greatest blessings always, Janet
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      Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 1:23 PM
      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Fw: [voiceful] Greetings from News Tools 2008

      Dear all,
      we are doing fine with renewed energy of the particiapnts everyday, but we are running out of food since we only secured sponsorship for only 7participants, 4 from Peacenet Kenya and 3 from Coaiation of Peace in Africa (COPA). we have the transport means that is the truck which is fully funded but we need fuel for the support vehicle at the moment and also funds to pay for hiring the support vehicle. since the truck has a capacity of 28 persons that is why VYP decided to carry 21 participants not sponsored and agreed we shall go on fundraising and we use the little money from the already payed up funds. it is with this concern that am writing to request for support however little it can be to enable us have food for the remaining part of the journey. The participants fee is supposed to take care of meals, hiring of support vehicle , first aid kits and any other expenses incurred during the caravan. any kind of donation is welcome and Thanks Jabet for the airtime you sent to me, it was timely.
      We just witnessed the repatriating IDPs at an open field without roof over their heads, and it was really toching, feeling of hopelessness when i couldnt offer any support to them. however, we were comming from an event in Kuresoi and managed to call the area DO who came to the scene and gave them hope, that tents are in Nairobi waiting to be dispatched, we are yet to see the action, He also gave them a choice of where they would like to stay overnight and they suggested next to a police post of which they will sleep outside in the cold but in a way felt they will be secure there.
      I hope you all saw the report we sent yesterday, more briefs to follow.

      Voluntary Youth Philathropists
      P.O.Box 19705-0202
      Office             +254 20 2367689      
      cell phone +254 721 626389/            +254 722678962      
      Nairobi Kenya

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