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  • Benoit
    Aug 12, 2006

      Hi everyone,

      Could we all keep our minds open to build a promotional strategy to frame succesfully the following idea that I just sent to Ken Owino to get the funding for his work.  After the copy of the letter to Ken, I share my thoughts on how I think Minciu Sodas can get positioned as servants to the cause. ----------------------------

      Dear Ken Owino,
      I got to know of your work this morning by reading these 2 letters: 
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/message/225  and
      In case you had not heard, there is an acrobatic circus that originated from Montréal's street which has grown into an industry with schools and permanent stages being constructed all around the world.  They had their beginning when a politician who was running to become Premier of the province of Québec was walking by the street performers and one of the performers said to him:  "Give me 5000 dollars and I'll show you what we can do." 
      That politician got elected and kept his word by giving the initial 5000 dollars.  Now, this guy is billionaire and he delegated work to very competent staff.  They now entertain all around the planet and they support causes like yours, for the sake of developing creative talents from everywhere. 
      So I urge you to start asking how you could become associated with Guy Laliberté, owner of The Cirque du Soleil and with their operation.  Once you start reaching out, if you get a negative answer, keep on asking how you could interest them better next time you go return to ask, and keep on making a case for yourself and your cause until you strike the right note. 
      Support of the right kind ought to come into your mission and why not from the people who do the same  work as you do?  http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/CirqueDuSoleil/en/company/default.htm
      God bless you with your mission and with the funding,
      ...all blessings be with us all
      Benoit Couture


      As servants to the cause, I suggest that we, all of Minciu Sodas' variety look at Ken's work as a natural African catalysing lenses of all of our potential to build the cultural bridge of inspiration, peace and creativity, designed to feed and to move on with Humanity's Recovery Road of Health-Education-Correction, for all to behold.  By helping Ken to create a short documentary, we could then add to the documentary, a virtual view of what this could become, once all relevant personal and communal angles  get to be adressed from one small band of acrobats to the whole continent.  The virtual view that I speak of is one to be made of all the African ground people who are brewing their thoughts amongst us at the lab, from their respective fields of activities like Samuel, Helen, Janet, Maria and the people of the One Foundation in Cameron that Jeff mentioned recently and all the others.  In other words, the virtual view added to Ken's work is rooted in the experience of real people who are on the front line.  Virtual view is a mean by which to accomodate their vision capacity and by grafting how to proceed with lazer sharp precision in what our skills has to offer  to connect the scalability of the opportunity from micro to macro.  Once equipped with the basic documentary from Ken's work and the virtual view of what Minciu Sodas' thinking can do from such reality, we then apply ourselves to draw the attention of Québec's population by aiming on the air for Guy Laliberté and Cirque du Soleil, via the network of television people who work to help Africa in Québec, Canada.  This offers a perfect avenue to  the French Minciu Sodas yahoo group to join the lab's work directly Back To The Root, a the heart of the connection from the One Village with the Global Villages, catalysing all of our essences into the enrgy of inspiration and of pure execution.  So in order to launch the world wide campaign available from Ken's basic work, I suggest that we aim to do so in the province of Québec as a starting point, so as to invite Cirque du Soleil to shine along with us; we'll then be positioned to quickly  move to add English Canada, unfolding a campaign to draw the support for the development from the virtual picture of Minciu Sodas' promotion to the ground development of the tasks at hand.  From a united dynamic of English-French, we then are positioned to serve the whole spectrum of the other languages offered because the UN's official languages is English-French.  In conclusion, I view that from NAFSI AFRIKA'S STREET CHILDREN REHABILITATION PROGRAMME can be unleash peace, good health and happiness according to the measure of the Solemn Beauty of Being Human answering The Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth in the fluid adaptation of Common Sense, surfing freely upon the improvisation waves within the currency of times!!!...  The orchard of thoughts is ready to yield some of its produce into materialization...let it be I pray...Amen....

      Thank you,  Benoit Couture

      --- In holistichelping@yahoogroups.com, Maria Agnese Giraudo <mariaagnesegiraudo@...> wrote:
      > Nafsi Afrika acrobats is a name coined from a swahili word meaning
      > the soul of Afrika.
      > It was started in 2002 but dully registered in 2005 with the Ministry
      > of culture and social services.
      > The group is based in Dagoretti constituency of Nairobi and run their
      > activities from their offices in kabiria-satellitte(Nairobi).
      > Most of them having limited educational background and from poor
      > backgrounds(up-brought in the slum's setting), experienced the harsh life in
      > the ghetto and occasionally got trapped in drugs and crime
      > influences.
      > After bumping into each other and realising that they were blessed
      > with smilar artistic skills that they would exploit for a livelihood,
      > Nafsi Afrika acrobats was born.
      > After six years of succesfull existence as a family of seven, they saw
      > the need of projecting and leaving a mark in the community.
      > Setting an example to be emulated by fellow youths in Kenya.
      > Street families being a big problem in Kenya, and witnessing street
      > kids graduating into hard-core criminals and ending up being gunned down
      > they felt concerned and initiated a programme to address street
      > childrens' plight.
      > There exist a strong attachment between us and the kids as most of them
      > are from families we know and we can relate with them easily in their
      > language, having been from similar backgrounds.
      > Currently the programme is run from three training centers in the
      > Ghettos;Kawangware Lutheran church,Waithaka social hall and Daggoretti
      > market training grounds.
      > The problem the groups faces currenly is intergrating, sustaining and
      > keeping the kids together always as it forces us to respond to some of
      > their daily needs as in feeding them, and providing them with clothings.
      > Due to the above problem most of them are on and off, forcing as to
      > reach out to them and search them always for training.
      > In the near future the group plans to set up a day care center from
      > where all activities shall be run and some of the children's basic needs
      > responded to.
      > Nafsi Afrika street children outreach programme is designed to capacity
      > build street children and empower them on gainful livelihood in the
      > field of arts and arts – related activities in the city and it's environ.
      > Emphasis is put on developing the capacity of the street children and
      > other unfortunate youths to participate, as appropriate, in urban
      > poverty reduction responsibilities, and also elimination of such vices like
      > crime and drug abuse. Its rationale lies in the provision of a
      > friendly approach to training opportunities in acrobatics, dance,
      > music, drama, and fine arts and crafts.
      > The overall aim of this project is to provide artistic empowerment
      > services to street children, especially those most vulnerable, residing in
      > Nairobi, aged 3 to 26 years.
      > VISION
      > In response to the alarming situation of street children in Nairobi ,
      > Nafsi Afrika acrobats empowers the street wise generation to have
      > ownership of the reformation and development process and be agents of
      > transformation in the city of Nairobi.
      > MISSION
      > To facilitate the empowerment of the street children in the city to
      > have greater ownership of the development and reformation process through
      > disseminating relevant information, imparting appropriate skills and
      > formation of performing teams, so that the competence and professional
      > qualification achieved, may be placed at the service of these children
      > and street youths, thus contributing to the development of the city of
      > Nairobi and assist in prevention or alleviation of the street children
      > and steet youths or rather street families problem.
      > The street children and street youthful generation need to acquire or
      > exploit their relevant artistic skills to help them take decisions and
      > actions that give them more control of their own lives and thus enable
      > them participate actively in the boarder development process instead of
      > graduating into car jackers, bank robbers, muggers, conmen, or
      > criminals.
      > Area of focus for the project includes:
      > a) Participates in the outreaches, identification, consolidation,
      > convincing, training and evaluation of training progress and the training
      > programmes. providing in particular, assistance in training and
      > facilitation of traininig equipments and props.
      > b) Assist in providing, or help in negotiating for show
      > employment-counseling services to competent groups and in particular, in job search
      > and marketing of their artistic careers.
      > c) Assist in coordination of contract opportunities and in the
      > formulation of job opportunities matrix, which links employers or agents with
      > artists job seekers.
      > d) Assist in identifying /soliciting for existing donors and
      > coordinating referrals of the formed acrobatics and dance groups with willing
      > donors and employers.
      > In specific the project has been designed to address the following
      > basic components:
      > To provide Contracts ,a plat-form for artistic improvement and
      > marketing, employment opportunities so as to have more access to job markets
      > to these artistically endowed street children and street youths.
      > To promote and empower the street children and youths with relevant
      > information and artistic skills on employment creation.
      > To undertake activities geared toward preventing criminality among the
      > street children and youths.
      > To assess street children and youths needs.
      > To reduce street children and youths vulnerability especially those
      > residing in the urban areas and ghetto settings by initiating programmes
      > that address their plight.
      > To develop a network of street kids and youth, youth organizations,
      > government (through the local administration), N.G.O's,Arts agents and
      > employers.
      > To provide up-to date information and involve the street children and
      > youths in the following areas -:
      > Employment
      > Culture and sports
      > Health
      > Education and training
      > Environment
      > IT training
      > Interventions can be through three key-ways:
      > Through supporting the economic and social development efforts in
      > different sectors, in particular those, which stimulate a demand for
      > self-reliance, such as basic education besides arts training for the Street
      > children to improve financially,
      > Through productive dialogue between all the children involved and not
      > involved in the project with the aim of forging effective
      > understanding of the causes, reasons and consequences of any activity undertaken.
      > Through assisting in the rehabilitation process, improving of poverty
      > alleviation activities for all and capacity build the disadvantaged, as
      > in using the same rehabilitated street children in outreaching for, and
      > recruiting more street children.
      > Currently besides the actual acrobatics and dance training that Nafsi
      > Acrobats extend to these children volutarilly, The group also negotiate
      > and invite experts and stake holders in other artistic fields and also
      > organisations involved with youth development, to extend workshop
      > programmes to these children and youths.
      > Contact: KEN OWINO nafsiafricaacro@...
      > Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale!
      > http://it.yahoo.com/mail_it/foot/*http://it.messenger.yahoo.com

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