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  • Benoit
    Aug 4, 2006
      Dear Maria, Janet and all,

      Before joining the group, I wanted to first be engaged personaly
      with Africa, from my ground position in Edmonton, Canada. I now am
      grounded in that I now am in touch and set to work with one woman
      from Sirrea Leonne and another one from Sudan who works as an NGO
      employee under who's supervision, I work at my initiative "Healing
      the Inner Circle".
      The lady from Sierrea Leonne has managed to raise the funds for a
      school in her village. As well as keeping up with ongoing
      improvements to the school, she also has a cell phone number now
      that the children of her area are circulating amongst themselves and
      at the appropriate time, they reach out to her for help to get away
      from the soldiers life into which they got abducted to serve. She
      then puts in gear the search and rescue of these children.
      My other Edmonton contact works for a local initiative amongst new
      comers to Canada. It is called Action for Healthy Communities. I
      am hoping and studying how we could set the grounds and conditions
      together, to grow the infrastructure that can offer the new comers
      with the training and the service to deploy their training back into
      their homeland, with all the support for the task at hand. I call
      it the Activation of the Human Cleansing River.
      Currently, the African person with whom I am in touch and who is
      still in Africa is Helen. Maria, you met with her in Tanzania and
      now, I am here to describe the invitation to the idea of releasing
      this Activation of the Cleasing River. At the moment it is, but a
      small trickle through the damm of past history; but there are many
      trickles and we are activated in the improvisation of the currency
      of times!!!
      From my ground position as a stay-at-home-dad-grand-dad-citizen-
      voter-taxpayer, this current represents the hope for me, that Canada
      is given the opportunity to move in high gear with our peace
      missions, and break through the damm that is holding back the needed
      flow of sanity and wisdom to adjust defense budget levels to the
      development's demands.


      After 14 months of participation with Minciu Sodas vision, I feed my
      dreamwork capacities at investing all of my focus toward the day
      when people like Andrius, Janet, Jeff, Joy, Franz and all the
      gravity of intelligence, liberating us all from the stronghold of
      military's thinking. This experience is to me, like a living embryo
      of solemn beauty of being human being cultivated from each one's of
      our inner most being.
      In that dreamwork of living universal poetry, I see the Cleasing
      River as a very palpable reality, waiting for us to get our way from
      cyber space.
      Here is the kind of basic package, in which I see us all emerging to
      gather around, and to set out the the training ground and deployment

      Mobile production units for developing countries - Worldwide
      Partners program

      SN World Foundation will supply to countries and developing regions
      the technology and necessary support for production in series of
      Mini-plants in mobile containers (40-foot). The Mini-plant system is
      designed in such a way that all the production machinery is fixed on
      the platform of the container, with all wiring, piping, and
      installation parts; that is, they are fully equipped... and the Mini-
      plant is ready for production.

      More than 700 portable production systems: Bakeries, Water
      purification, Dehydrated food, Steel Nails, Fruit juice preparation,
      Tire Retreading, Reinforcement Bar Bending for Construction
      Framework, Sheeting for Roofing, Ceilings and Façades, Plated Drums,
      Aluminum Buckets, Injected Polypropylene Housewares, Pressed
      Melamine Items (Glasses, Cups, Plates, Mugs, etc.), Mufflers,
      Construction Electrically Welded Mesh, Plastic Bags and Packaging,
      Medical assistance mobile units, Sanitary Material, Hypodermic
      Syringes, Hemostatic Clamps, etc.

      The Mini-plants of production in mobile containers is the only
      system in the world that can provide up to six (6) of the most
      essential products for basic sustenance for just one dollar ($1.00)
      per day.

      SN World Foundation has started a Co-investment program for the
      installation of small Assembly Plants to manufacture, in series, the
      Mini-plants of portable production on site, region or country where
      required. One of the most relevant features is the fact that these
      plants will be connected to the International Trade System, with
      access to more than 50 million raw materials, products and services
      and automatic transactions for world trade.

      Due to financial reasons, involving cost and social impact, the best
      solution is setting up Assembly Plants on the same countries and
      regions, using local resources (labor, some equipment, etc.) SN
      World Foundation participates at 50% (fifty percent) for investment
      of each Assembly Plant.

      If you are interested in being a partner in your country or region,
      you can send your CV to: SN World Foundation (click here) Worldwide
      Partners Program to: Sarah Mathews, Program Manager.

      If you received this in error or would like to be removed from our
      list, please return us indicating: remove or un-subscribe in subject
      field, Thanks. The TechNews, Editor
      © 2005 THE TECH NEWS. All rights reserved.
      In my part of the dreamwork, I see us being blessed with all of the
      Canadian military transport equipment and training facility at our
      disposal for such a mission. The first task, is inner peace...then
      lets get on with the job to demonstrate how we deploy life over
      death's strongholds of terror-anti-terror!

      Van Morrison sings: "...for the healing, goes on, with the

      ...let's dream on, sweet holistic-wholistic people...

      Benoit Couture

      --- In holistichelping@yahoogroups.com, Maria Agnese Giraudo
      <mariaagnesegiraudo@...> wrote:
      > Dear Jeff and all,
      > I'm sorry I couldn't answer you before. I really appreciated
      what you wrote and I like to confront myself with people like you.
      I'm fully involved now in the life year. Two young people I caring
      for, the project of women who is not yet started and perhaps it will
      start later. I'm in touch with peole in Kenya through Janet and I'm
      a little worry of expectations they have. Janet is helping me so
      much. The matter is that what comes from Europe and west world is
      not always good, and people are not always skilled. I think that is
      not possible generalize but I think that skilled local people can
      work in much more effective way that foreners. So I'm very
      convinced that we must at first collaborate to develop local skills
      and therefore to increase the capacity of woking.
      > Bye! We keep in touch!
      > Maria Agnese Giraudo
      > Jeff Buderer <jeff@...> ha scritto:
      > Dear Maria,
      > Thanks for the infomation about your experiences in Tanzania.
      > knowing the context or details of the situation I cant consider
      > situation in terms of lessons learned. However, it is clear that a
      > pattern is emerging without the grassroots with on the one hand a
      > of due dilligence on the part of those in the grassroots seeking
      to help
      > and on the other side a group of people who take either take
      > of this in Africa and other developing regions.
      > The situation in Africa needs to be considered in relation to
      > understanding these failures. Meaning that it is very difficult in
      > regions to operate effectively given the many logistical
      challenges as
      > well as in many cases a culture of dispair and depression about
      > seems like solving overwhelming problems. That is I feel the best
      way to
      > overcome those issues of prejudices - to understand the challenges
      > everyday life in Africa as well as in other developing regions of
      > world and to talk about them in a way similar to the manner you
      > initiated here.
      > Jeff
      > Agnese Giraudo wrote:
      > > Dear all,
      > > Thanks Janet for your message, I would like to meet you, where
      > you now?
      > > I thank very much everybody, at first Andrius, for this great
      > creative work in sharing ideas and collaboration together. I would
      > to share with you some basic ideas of our collaboration. I'm very
      > frustrated because of failure of a project in Tanzania. I' m not
      > experienced although I'm a middle aged woman. I want to learn from
      > this experience and I want to stop prejudices between local people
      > people like me coming from Europe or USA. I strongly believe that
      > only way to succeed is mutual understanding and collaboration. So
      > would like to discuss with everybody how to put it in practice.
      > > I'm very happy that Leonard Boniface contacted me and I 'll meet
      > in DAR as soon as possible. Leaonard is very active in working in
      > different projects for youth for education and HIV/AIDS
      prevention ,
      > who sent me his project
      > > Mobile Youth Container Bus Centre in Tanzania bonnylenny@...
      > > I hope that he is in touch with you, anyway I'll invite you to
      > cantact him.
      > > I'll meet Helen Maloo too, a young Tanzanian girl. Please don't
      > have great expectations, I'm just a librarian but I want to go in
      > in this issue of collaboration.
      > > Now I'm in Sanaa and I enjoy this beautiful town and so kind
      > > All the best!
      > > Maria Agnese Giraudo
      > >
      > > "kaippg@..." <kaippg@...> ha scritto:
      > >
      > > Dear Charles, Kennedy, Maria Agnese, and All,
      > >
      > > Hello and excellent to hear from you both! I will post this to
      > Holistic Helping too, where the message and discussion originated,
      > Kennedy, it would be excellent if you can take charge of linking
      > Charles, Sam, yourself, and Maria Agnese! Charles, delighted by
      > interest, and so glad to see you are in Kisumu.
      > >
      > > I have friends (orgs) there--3 of which are ARYI members (Lake
      > Fellowship, YES Club, and St. Rita's)--and others including
      > Deaf Impact Ministry, WiRED Kenya, Children First (formerly St.
      > Orphanage), WIFIP (a GRASSUP partner), TICH, and others. It would
      > terrific to some enlarged networking and collaboration, which
      > spread these activities to a wider field of action, and for the
      > of many communities.
      > >
      > > It would be great to know more abt your efforts too, Charles, ie
      > the Kisumu Children's Centre. Do you know and/or work with some of
      > others above?
      > >
      > > With all best wishes and appreciation, and Maria Agnese will be
      > in the Mbita (and possibly Kisumu) area the first week of August,
      > believe. Maria, hope your travels are going well, and deepest
      thanks for
      > your interest and support, and for the invaluable gift of the
      > which will make a crucial difference to the work there and also in
      > related forums and endeavors.
      > >
      > > Are there any other ARYI members interested? Let us know! Janet
      > (Feldman, kaippg@...)
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > ----- Original Message -----
      > > From: Kennedy Onyango
      > > To: aryi@yahoogroups.com
      > > Sent: 7/23/2006 10:29:07 AM
      > > Subject: Re: [aryi] Re: Meet Maria Agnese Giraudo: Visiting
      > Tanzania and Kenya in July-August (publishing a focus)
      > >
      > > Dear Charles,
      > >
      > > It's good to hear from you. I am in Mbita and we can meet in
      > Kisumu on 8th August or early than that. Kindly call me:
      > (Cell) or 05922427 (Office).
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > >
      > > Kennedy
      > >
      > > charles_aboge <charles_aboge@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > >I am a veteran kenyan journalist,member of ARYI -kisumu
      > children centre and school in
      > > my NGO FOR aids orphans ,My ancestral home is in mbita
      > town,arrange to meet me on tel
      > > 0735195156 or call at the Standard media group regional
      > officesin kisumu to meet me
      > > charles aboge
      > >
      > > --- In aryi@yahoogroups.com, "kaippg@" <kaippg@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Dear Friends,
      > > >
      > > > I'm delighted to introduce Maria Agnese Giraudo, an
      > Italian librarian travelling to
      > > Tanzania and Kenya in July and August. She would like to
      > meet people in Tanzania in July,
      > > and has made tentative plans to travel to Mbita, W. Kenya
      > in early August (to all GRASSUP
      > > folks, Kennedy and she have made tentative plans to meet
      > the first week of August).
      > > >
      > > > Please read below about her interests! It would be good
      > to discuss with her ideas
      > > related to local publishing (some of us cc'd are trying
      > to do that, with printed material as
      > > well as CDs, for kiosks and learning centers), and
      > specifically connected to youth. She can
      > > be reached at
      > > > mariaagnesegiraudo@ For those of us working on arts
      > and media to address HIV/
      > > AIDS, it would be interesting to consider edutainment
      > materials which can be printed
      > > locally, and on demand.
      > > >
      > > > With greatest thanks and all best wishes, and hope
      > you/we can "book" some
      > > appointments! Janet
      > > > From Maria:
      > > > I'm a librarian working in a public research institute
      > in Rome and member of an Italian
      > > NGO (MICHE) http://www.michegermogli.org dealing
      > > > with education in Tanzania. I woild like do promote
      > local publishing of books for
      > > students in primary and secondary schools. I'm also
      > > > interested in printing on demand.
      > > >
      > > > http://www.ourculture.info/wiki.cgi?MariaAgneseGiraudo
      > > >
      > http://www.findbetterways.info/wiki.cgi?
      > > >I am a veteran kenyan journalist,member of ARYI -kisumu
      > children centre and school in
      > > my NGO FOR aids orphans ,My ancestral home is in mbita
      > town,arrange to meet me on tel
      > > 0735195156 or call at the Standard media group regional
      > officesin kisumu to meet me
      > > charles aboge
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > __________________________________________
      > > Kennedy Edwine,
      > > Director -EDTEC,
      > > P.O. Box 337, Mbita-Kenya.
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      > > +25405922427 (Office)
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      > are; but you must approach each man by the right door."
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