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204Re: [holistichelping] Re: [aryi] Re: Meet Maria Agnese Giraudo: Visiting Tanzania and Kenya in July-August (publishing a focus)

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Aug 4 2:28 AM
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      Dear Jeff and  all,
      I'm sorry I couldn't answer  you before. I really appreciated what you wrote and I like to confront myself with people like you. I'm fully involved now in the life year. Two young people I caring for, the project of women who is not yet started and perhaps it will start later. I'm in touch with peole in Kenya through Janet and I'm  a little worry of expectations they have.  Janet is helping me so much. The matter is that what comes from Europe and west world is not always good, and people are not always skilled. I think that is not possible generalize but I think  that skilled local people can work in much more effective way that foreners.  So I'm very convinced that we must at first collaborate to develop local skills and therefore to increase the capacity of woking. 
      Bye! We keep in touch!
      Maria Agnese Giraudo

      Jeff Buderer <jeff@...> ha scritto:
      Dear Maria,

      Thanks for the infomation about your experiences in Tanzania. Without
      knowing the context or details of the situation I cant consider the
      situation in terms of lessons learned. However, it is clear that a
      pattern is emerging without the grassroots with on the one hand a lack
      of due dilligence on the part of those in the grassroots seeking to help
      and on the other side a group of people who take either take advantage
      of this in Africa and other developing regions.

      The situation in Africa needs to be considered in relation to
      understanding these failures. Meaning that it is very difficult in many
      regions to operate effectively given the many logistical challenges as
      well as in many cases a culture of dispair and depression about what
      seems like solving overwhelming problems. That is I feel the best way to
      overcome those issues of prejudices - to understand the challenges of
      everyday life in Africa as well as in other developing regions of the
      world and to talk about them in a way similar to the manner you have
      initiated here.


      Agnese Giraudo wrote:

      > Dear all,
      > Thanks Janet for your message, I would like to meet you, where are
      you now?
      > I thank very much everybody, at first Andrius, for this great
      creative work in sharing ideas and collaboration together. I would like
      to share with you some basic ideas of our collaboration. I'm very
      frustrated because of failure of a project in Tanzania. I' m not very
      experienced although I'm a middle aged woman. I want to learn from
      this experience and I want to stop prejudices between local people and
      people like me coming from Europe or USA. I strongly believe that the
      only way to succeed is mutual understanding and collaboration. So I
      would like to discuss with everybody how to put it in practice.
      > I'm very happy that Leonard Boniface contacted me and I 'll meet him
      in DAR as soon as possible. Leaonard is very active in working in
      different projects for youth for education and HIV/AIDS prevention ,
      who sent me his project
      > Mobile Youth Container Bus Centre in Tanzania bonnylenny@yahoo. com
      > I hope that he is in touch with you, anyway I'll invite you to
      cantact him.
      > I'll meet Helen Maloo too, a young Tanzanian girl. Please don't
      have great expectations, I'm just a librarian but I want to go in deep
      in this issue of collaboration.
      > Now I'm in Sanaa and I enjoy this beautiful town and so kind people!
      > All the best!
      > Maria Agnese Giraudo
      > "kaippg@earthlink. net" <kaippg@earthlink. net> ha scritto:
      > Dear Charles, Kennedy, Maria Agnese, and All,
      > Hello and excellent to hear from you both! I will post this to
      Holistic Helping too, where the message and discussion originated, and
      Kennedy, it would be excellent if you can take charge of linking up
      Charles, Sam, yourself, and Maria Agnese! Charles, delighted by your
      interest, and so glad to see you are in Kisumu.
      > I have friends (orgs) there--3 of which are ARYI members (Lake
      Fellowship, YES Club, and St. Rita's)--and others including Reachout,
      Deaf Impact Ministry, WiRED Kenya, Children First (formerly St. Anne's
      Orphanage), WIFIP (a GRASSUP partner), TICH, and others. It would be
      terrific to some enlarged networking and collaboration, which might
      spread these activities to a wider field of action, and for the benefit
      of many communities.
      > It would be great to know more abt your efforts too, Charles, ie
      the Kisumu Children's Centre. Do you know and/or work with some of the
      others above?
      > With all best wishes and appreciation, and Maria Agnese will be
      in the Mbita (and possibly Kisumu) area the first week of August, I
      believe. Maria, hope your travels are going well, and deepest thanks for
      your interest and support, and for the invaluable gift of the laptop,
      which will make a crucial difference to the work there and also in our
      related forums and endeavors.
      > Are there any other ARYI members interested? Let us know! Janet
      (Feldman, kaippg@earthlink. net)
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Kennedy Onyango
      > To: aryi@yahoogroups. com
      > Sent: 7/23/2006 10:29:07 AM
      > Subject: Re: [aryi] Re: Meet Maria Agnese Giraudo: Visiting
      Tanzania and Kenya in July-August (publishing a focus)
      > Dear Charles,
      > It's good to hear from you. I am in Mbita and we can meet in
      Kisumu on 8th August or early than that. Kindly call me: 0727757822
      (Cell) or 05922427 (Office).
      > Regards,
      > Kennedy
      > charles_aboge <charles_aboge@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      > >I am a veteran kenyan journalist,member of ARYI -kisumu
      children centre and school in
      > my NGO FOR aids orphans ,My ancestral home is in mbita
      town,arrange to meet me on tel
      > 0735195156 or call at the Standard media group regional
      officesin kisumu to meet me
      > charles aboge
      > --- In aryi@yahoogroups. com, "kaippg@..." <kaippg@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear Friends,
      > >
      > > I'm delighted to introduce Maria Agnese Giraudo, an
      Italian librarian travelling to
      > Tanzania and Kenya in July and August. She would like to
      meet people in Tanzania in July,
      > and has made tentative plans to travel to Mbita, W. Kenya
      in early August (to all GRASSUP
      > folks, Kennedy and she have made tentative plans to meet
      the first week of August).
      > >
      > > Please read below about her interests! It would be good
      to discuss with her ideas
      > related to local publishing (some of us cc'd are trying
      to do that, with printed material as
      > well as CDs, for kiosks and learning centers), and
      specifically connected to youth. She can
      > be reached at
      > > mariaagnesegiraudo@ ... For those of us working on arts
      and media to address HIV/
      > AIDS, it would be interesting to consider edutainment
      materials which can be printed
      > locally, and on demand.
      > >
      > > With greatest thanks and all best wishes, and hope
      you/we can "book" some
      > appointments! Janet
      > > From Maria:
      > > I'm a librarian working in a public research institute
      in Rome and member of an Italian
      > NGO (MICHE) http://www.micheger mogli.org dealing
      > > with education in Tanzania. I woild like do promote
      local publishing of books for
      > students in primary and secondary schools. I'm also
      > > interested in printing on demand.
      > >
      > > http://www.ourcultu re.info/wiki. cgi?MariaAgneseG iraudo
      > >
      http://www.findbett erways.info/ wiki.cgi? FindBetterWays/ LocalPublishing
      > >I am a veteran kenyan journalist,member of ARYI -kisumu
      children centre and school in
      > my NGO FOR aids orphans ,My ancestral home is in mbita
      town,arrange to meet me on tel
      > 0735195156 or call at the Standard media group regional
      officesin kisumu to meet me
      > charles aboge
      > ____________ _________ _________ _________ ___
      > Kennedy Edwine,
      > Director -EDTEC,
      > P.O. Box 337, Mbita-Kenya.
      > http://kennedyonyan go.tripod. com
      > http://www.flashbui lder.net/ users/edtec/ main.html
      > +254-0727757822 (Cell)
      > +25405922427 (Office)
      > +25405922427 (Fax)
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      are; but you must approach each man by the right door."
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