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1555Chatting with Uyoga and Samwel

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Dec 2, 2007
      Dear  Janet,  Ally,  Fred, Andrius, Sasha and all,
      i have been very impressed by Uyoga member determination and clear ideas expressed us  yesterday in the chat. I don't want to summarize it  because everybody can check into the archives or get a complete report from Uyoga themselves. They have  a clear vision of their goals and they  are writing a project on poultry that is not only intended to generate income but also to organize a organic production of .  I also see them very independet and professional because they instead of  asking initial seed money (250.000 Tsh about 145 EURO) for starting (250.000 Tsh about 145 EURO) are searching some connection with a sponsor in the field.  I lataley i met a lady of FAO in Rome for a project in Chad in which also some researcher of INRAN is involved. She told me that they are  interested in small projects in rural areas of Africa. I'll provide you the contact with her. I have also contact with IFAD in Rome and i want to understand better their availability.Thanks Josephat, UYOGA and Samwel!
      You make me dream!
      Maria Agnese

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