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Re: WXHL Brawl/Suspended Game

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  • Kenneth R. Holdren
    ... have heard the place was just an old dump and that the blizzard did the city a favor by collapsing the roof. ... although some games have been postponed
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2000
      On 12/31/99--Pattie wrote:

      >If it was '93, it was indeed the Rampage in the old Lancerlot. Never made it there myself, but
      have heard the place was just an old dump and that the blizzard did the city a favor by collapsing
      the roof.

      >That's the only suspension of a game I remember in the ECHL (Kenneth, do you remember any?),
      although some games have been postponed (i.e., the Arkansas home opener this season due to
      structural problems in the arena), and one was forfeited when Chesapeake coach Chris Nilan refused
      to put his team on the ice in protest of the officiating (BTW the forfeit was later overturned by
      the league and the final few minutes of the game were played before the next regular meeting of
      the two clubs).


      The Richmond/Roanoke Valley Rampage game is the only in-progress ECHL game that I remember Pattie
      that was suspended during play. It was late in the regular season when it happened, if fact
      Roanoke Valley had only one game left to play, the finale against Hampton Roads in Norfolk. The
      game was postponed twice before it was finally played and this was after the Rampage were given
      permission by the local police in Vinton, VA to go into the rumble of the old Lancerlot to get
      some person stuff and the Admirals loaned them some equipment to allow them to play.

      I've always had the upmost respect for those Rampage players that played that night in Norfolk.
      That Rampage team was horrible (14-49-1 29 pts.) and they could have very easily said "We forfeit"
      but they didn't. They played the one remaining game on the schedule and I think that shows true
      professionalism of their part.

      I e-mailed the league a while back asking if the stats from that game were counted in the league
      totals. I never got an answer back but since both Richmond/Roanoke Valley are shown with the same
      amount of games as the other teams, and there was no way that the game was finished in Richmond
      since it was so late in the yet, the league must have.

      In addition to the New Orleans/Arkansas game you mentioned Pattie, the only other game, so far, to
      be postponed this year was the Thanksgiving Day game with Mobile at Jackson, when the zamboni was
      out on the ice between the pre-game warm-ups and first period and the settings were wrong on the
      zamboni and it took a huge chunk out of the ice, right down to the cement. That game, while there
      were people in the stands, was never started and it was rescheduled for this coming Monday.

      Kenneth (krholdren@...)
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