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Re: [hockhist] Philadephia Blazers WHA research

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  • Frank Liebmann
    Just to make sure this list isn t represented as something it isn t, this is the Hockey History List on Yahoo Groups. While there are of number of members of
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      Just to make sure this list isn't represented as something it isn't, this is the Hockey History List on Yahoo Groups. While there are of number of members of SIHR on this list, and we welcome all members of SIHR here, we are not SIHR.

      This sounds like an interesting question. I didn't find any images attached to the e-mail, so you may want to resend them.

      The short lived El Paso Raiders of the SWHL based their uniforms on the Philadelphia Blazers.

      Frank Liebmann

      Von: David Martell <david@...>
      An: hockhist@yahoogroups.com
      Gesendet: 16:01 Sonntag, 12.Mai 2013
      Betreff: [hockhist] Philadephia Blazers WHA research

      Hello SIHR

      My name is David Martell with Global Vintage Sports Memorabilia Inc. I have been doing research on the 1972-73 Philadelphia Blazers for the purpose of determining when the team established nameplates on their jerseys during the season.

      I have a # 25 Pierre Paiement Blazers road jersey in my collection that in my opinion shows no evidence of a nameplate ever having been on the sweater. Based on the following photographic evidence and other score sheet information I believe the Blazers never wore nameplates at the start of the season and the Paiement jersey is also evidence of this fact. No other player wore # 25 during the Philadelphia Blazers season.

      The photo below is of the opening game of the WHA season for the New England Whalers and Philadelphia Blazers. (played in Boston Garden). Both Ted Green of the Whalers and Derek Sanderson of the Blazers are shown clearly without nameplates at the ceremonial face-off. I have it from someone who was in attendance at this game that both teams did not wear nameplates. He also has a program from that game that has # 25 listed as Pierre Paiement.

      Paiement played a total of 8 games with the team at the start of the season and then played the remainder of the season with the Roanoke Valley Rebels of the EHL. I have a game sheet from the October 27 game which shows Paiement scoring his only goal of the season and also registering a penalty. I have also spoken with Gregg Pilling coach of the Rebels and he recalls Paiement playing the remainder of the season and playoffs with the Rebels.

      I would like to ask if anyone can help me further with this research. I would like to confirm how long the teams went without nameplates to start the season. If anyone has any newspaper photos, etc that can attest to how long this may have lasted would be appreciated.

      See all images attached.

      Dave Martell
      (780) 554-3632 cel
      (780) 488-2359 office

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