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Re: Billy Harris Question ...MORE and this time literate:)

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  • William Underwood
    It didn t hurt him but as he didn t win it didn t help him. In the end I d say it had no real impact. Had he won the series that would have been something but
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 27, 2012
      It didn't hurt him but as he didn't win it didn't help him. In the end I'd
      say it had no real impact. Had he won the series that would have been
      something but he didn't. And of course such things are fleeting, you need to
      come back and continue the winning ways relative to your teams talent in the
      WHA. Keep in mind there is such a thing as a "great tournament coach".Herb
      Brooks was AMAZING that way so was Tim Taylor. You can get that chemistry
      together and motivate for those two weeks and do GREAT! But the NHL is not a
      two week event and the faces and names change over a year for both you and
      opponents. Brooks got his NHL shots but that was because of two things and
      one had nothing to do with the Olympics.he was an American icon and two, he
      also had a great record in college.three national championships. Plus he was
      hired by a guy who KNEW him.Craig Patrick. Timmy Taylor had no close friend
      in the NHL he could count on and had no "miracle"..like Harris. And Timmy's
      record at Yale was hardly what Herbs was at Minny (he was sub .500) just as
      Harris had no big string of great years to back up short series records.

      In the end TC probably had no role in his marketability. Had he won it would
      have given him a spike but again had he still come home and had issues with
      the Toros that success would be crossed off.remember Brooks got his second
      chances after his first stint in New York from old buddies like Lou Nanne,
      Craig Patrick (again) and the modern Dean of American Hockey Lou
      Lamiorello.and he was an AMERICAN ICON! Harris may not have been a national
      icon even had he beaten the Sovs as it was not an NHL team nor did it have
      been the same story as Brooks doing it with college kids.and he would have
      needed that friend who believed in him. Simply out Herb put butts into seats
      Hairrs did not AND Herb had the confidence of the AMERICAN GM's in the NHL
      (ok Nanne was naturalized but by the end was thought and thought like an
      American) .Harris would not have had both of those things going for him even
      had he won a short series. And in the end Herb had a short shelf life in the
      NHL everywhere except that first stint in New York.8 game series do not
      totally make or break you.

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