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Re: Cooney Weiland and the late Tom Johnson

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  • mhdibiase
    Dear Jay: That s good enough for me. Mucho appreciado! Matt
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 18, 2012
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      Dear Jay:

      That's good enough for me. Mucho appreciado!


      --- In hockhist@yahoogroups.com, Swanrvr80@... wrote:
      > Hi Matt,
      > I asked Harry Sinden about Tom Johnson for my book The Rangers, The Bruins,
      > and the End of an Era. Here's my question and his answer, I hope this
      > helps.
      > Tom Johnson won in '72 and then in '73 they let him go. The team wasn't
      > playing very well, they were in a bit of a slump and I remember when the
      > Rangers beat Boston 7-3 in February that year, I believe shortly after that
      > Boston let Tom Johnson go. What was the factor in that? He was a winning
      > coach, why was he let go at that point?
      > "Well, it's not really something I choose to discuss. He's my long time,
      > life-long friend and I let him go as coach. I kept him as my assistant,
      > gave him a raise. He was there for another thirty years after that. But
      > obviously, you know, when a coach is fired and somebody that fires him,
      > unless there's bad misbehavior or something like that going on, it's because the
      > team isn't performing the way you think it should and it's necessary to
      > make a coaching change. And that's probably as simple as I can put it.
      > There wasn't anything wrong, it's just the team was not performing as I
      > recall. I really didn't we were in the condition of a championship team and I
      > just decided to make the change. Probably the toughest thing I had to do in
      > my life."
      > Jay in Milford
      > In a message dated 2/17/2012 2:47:20 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > mhdibiase@... writes:
      > I am researching two articles/chapters on former Bruins head coaches
      > Cooney Weiland and the late Tom Johnson. I was wondering if anyone in the
      > membership could answer the following questions I have about the two?
      > My question about the late Tom Johnson are as follows:
      > 1) Why was he fired in 1973? what reasons did Harry Sinden use for
      > replacing Johnson as head coach?
      > If anyone could supply some info or insight, I would be most grateful.
      > Thanks!
      > Matt
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