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Re: Canada and the NHL

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  • William Underwood
    Well there are ton of reasons why Winnipeg looks like it will be in and Hamilton is not that he misconstrues or overlooks. 1-Thpugh he makes it sound like a
    Message 1 of 3 , May 24, 2011
      Well there are ton of reasons why Winnipeg looks like it will be in and
      Hamilton is not that he misconstrues or overlooks.

      1-Thpugh he makes it sound like a conspiracy al planned by the Evil Leaf
      Nation, eh forgets that it is BUFFALO.NOT the Leafs who are totally
      inflexible. Now while I think the area could support all team how hard is it
      to understand their misgivings? Nor how hard is it to understand why pro
      teams have territorial rights? Say they got their team and some mysterious
      guy who just had plastic surgery and changed his name to Jack Bass who just
      came back form Brazil to start a company producing a thing called Wild
      Cherry (who ala Gerorg3e Lazenby in his one stint as Bond said "you were
      expecting somebody else:-))wanted to put a team in Kitchener and has the
      clout not scream for it? Or say they got their team and someone wanted a
      second TO team? When the show is on the other foot mightn't we say "how DARE
      you"? Now one could say just as I did "the area can support another team"
      but ala Buffalo how much faith would you be ready to gamble with?

      2-While I'll never call Bettman my "buddy" I would say that he is innocent
      of wrong doing here.if you want to point n fingers point them up and down
      the highway at two clubs whoa re intransient and to 28 other owners that say
      "wee support you.it could be me next."

      3-He asserts that being aggressive is the way to do business.well Hitler and
      Napoleon said the same thing! There is aggressive then there is reckless
      and stupid.when you go across that boundary you fail Winnipeg and Quebec
      have been smart "we want in but we'll do it your way." Winnipeg was clever
      enough to not step on toes.and quite probably helped the NHL out. What is
      that I say? Gang if you believe that the Atlanta deal started out the day
      Phoenix was saved I own a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you. This is a
      complex deal and note the mayor of Winnipeg had 180 degree opposite views."I
      doubt Phoenix will come" to "I am more or less certain Atlanta will come
      here." It is now being said that Atlanta was always the target and there is
      evidence to believe that in how fast this all came up. So Winnipeg does the
      NHL a favor, they offer a Plan b for the Yotes if the Goldwater folks have
      their say but the NHL knows that will probably not happen.yet, the mayor had
      the votes in the council alls he needed was some prodding.they got it by
      Winnipeg quietly playing along.Atlanta needs to dump a white elephant that
      the NHL wants no part of owning nor does seemingly anyone else on earth
      outside of those who wish to move it to points north. Winnipeg wants a
      team.they sued aggression with finesse, they aggressively sought a team and
      to find a way to do it amenably THAT is how you do business..they developed
      SYNERGY. In contrast Ballesille tried to pound the door down.I wanted him to
      get a team and even I say he made about as many tactical and even strategic
      mistakes as General Custer did on his worse day.

      4-Heassertsa that Balisslie would pay an indemnity fee the Leafs and Sabres
      wanted but he overlooks the Sabres don't want a fee they don't want a team
      there.simply put he could be offering them the price of their NHL team in
      indemnity fees and they would just say no.He involved the Rangers when the
      Isles and Devs moved in, the Rangers would accept those fees. LA was willing
      to take on from Anaheim but it takes two to tango and Buffalo does is the
      girl that does not want to dance with a place called Hamilton! As for the
      Leafs, they know a FAR bigger pay day is for a second TO team which
      incidentally would be much bigger for the NHL in general. If they ever had a
      rainy days and expanded there the league could be in for a lot of loot!

      I feel badly for Hamilton.unlike Atlanta et al people would still come to
      see a team even if it was not a contender. But at the same time I can see
      why they come up empty. It isn't fair but it also has legit reasons.

      Finally if the NHL is going to move teams the Peg and Quebec deserve first
      dibs.remember there is still sort of an NHL team in Toronto to watch (though
      on some nights they don't look the part) and the Sabres down the road the
      opposite way. Plus they never lost a team for reason that added up to
      anything but support.In then end even those of us who would love to see them
      have a team have to draw a line on saying it is unfathomable why they don't
      have a team or that it is all an evil plot or all unreasonable reasons or
      that there a re other places that by all good right should be ahead in line.

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