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Re: NHL affiliate analysis

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  • Matt
    Ralph- My best guess would be to check individual team media guides or yearbooks, as least as far as NHL teams are concerned. I do know that NY Rangers media
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      My best guess would be to check individual team media guides or yearbooks, as least as far as NHL teams are concerned. I do know that NY Rangers media guides/yearbooks going as far back as the early/mid 1960s listed the affiliates they had a working agreement with, or owned outright.

      Otherwise, I would suggest looking for local newspaper accounts. I know that changes in minor league affiliations are sometimes reported upon by an NHL team's hometown papers. Often, especially nowadays, the papers in a minor league town will mention affiliate changes.


      --- In hockhist@yahoogroups.com, "Ralph" <slater@...> wrote:
      > I am cross-posting this from the SIHR list, I apologize if you see it
      > twice, but I think there are a bunch of people here who might be
      > interested in this.
      > I am trying to compile team affiliations, both NHL and for other
      > leagues. Although some of this information has been published in rec ent
      > guidebooks, am I finding that it isn't as easy as one might think.
      > For example, I pulled out a copy of an NHL guide from the 1967-68
      > season. I did not find any farm teams listed in the NHL section. In the
      > CPHL section, I found the NHL affiliate of each CPHL team. There was
      > nothing for the AHL listed.
      > I have created an application which some might find useful to research
      > this information. Here is an example:
      > http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/league_cluster.php?league=NHL&sid=196\
      > 8
      > <http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/league_cluster.php?league=NHL&sid=19\
      > 68>
      > I don't have a fancy interface; in order to change leagues and seasons,
      > just change the parameters in the URL. Feel free to use it, but treat it
      > like a "beta" feature.
      > This will return any other team/league where players on the parent team
      > played that season, provided that more than one player played on the
      > same child team (I put that filter in because it screens out a lot of
      > "false positives" resulting
      > from trades and unrelated & amateur player signings).
      > For 1968, this is what I get back:
      > Season League Parent Team Child League Child Team Count
      > 1968 NHL Boston Bruins CPHL Oklahoma City Blazers 5
      > 1968 NHL Chicago Blackhawks CPHL Dallas Black Hawks 9
      > 1968 NHL Detroit Red Wings CPHL Fort Worth Wings 18
      > 1968 NHL Detroit Red Wings WHL San Diego Gulls 2
      > 1968 NHL Los Angeles Kings AHL Springfield Kings 13
      > 1968 NHL Minnesota North Stars CPHL Memphis South Stars 12
      > 1968 NHL Minnesota North Stars AHL Rochester Americans 10
      > 1968 NHL Minnesota North Stars WHL Phoenix Roadrunners 3
      > 1968 NHL Montreal Canadiens CPHL Houston Apollos 6
      > 1968 NHL New York Rangers AHL Buffalo Bisons 7
      > 1968 NHL Oakland Seals WHL Vancouver Canucks 8
      > 1968 NHL Oakland Seals AHL Buffalo Bisons 3
      > 1968 NHL Philadelphia Flyers AHL Quebec Aces 12
      > 1968 NHL Pittsburgh Penguins AHL Baltimore Clippers 9
      > 1968 NHL St. Louis Blues CPHL Kansas City Blues 16
      > 1968 NHL St. Louis Blues AHL Buffalo Bisons 2
      > 1968 NHL Toronto Maple Leafs AHL Rochester Americans 9
      > 1968 NHL Toronto Maple Leafs CPHL Tulsa Oilers 5
      > This analysis would seem to indicate the following affiliations:
      > Boston -> OKC (CPHL)
      > Chicago -> Dallas CPHL)
      > Detroit -> Fort Worth (CPHL)
      > Los Angeles -> Springfield (AHL)
      > Minnesota -> Memphis (CPHL), Rochester (AHL)
      > Montreal -> Houston (CPHL)
      > NY Rangers -> Buffalo (AHL)
      > Oakland -> Vancouver (WHL)
      > Philadelphia -> Quebec (AHL)
      > Pittsburgh -> Baltimore (AHL)
      > St. Louis -> Kansas City (CPHL)
      > Toronto -> Rochester (AHL), Tulsa (CPHL)
      > There are a couple of "maybes" too.
      > St. Louis -> Buffalo (AHL) (2 players)
      > Oakland -> Buffalo (AHL)
      > Minnesota -> Phoenix (WHL)
      > Detroit -> San Diego (WHL)
      > These could either be secondary affiliations, or perhaps just artifacts
      > of trades or unrelated player movement.
      > Doing a little deeper analysis:
      > * The 2 St. Louis/Buffalo players appear to be an artifact of a possible
      > trade between St. Louis and NY Rangers (Barclay Plager & Ron Attwell)
      > * I can't figure out the Oakland/Buffalo connection.
      > * The Minnesota/Phoenix may be a secondary relationship.
      > * The Detroit/San Diego seems like a secondary relationship, or perhaps
      > a relationship between Fort Worth and San Diego (5 players common to
      > both those teams).
      > This analysis tool works really well to ferret out potential
      > relationships, particularly between non-NHL teams. I was surprised to
      > see a pipeline of 7 players between the Springfield Kings and the
      > Portland Buckaroos in the 1973-74 season.
      > Here's my question -- can anyone thing of a way to verify these
      > assumptions? Outside of the CPHL list, I couldn't find any other source
      > for this -- neither the AHL nor WHL guide lists parent teams.
      > Thanks,
      > Ralph
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