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Re: The ol' Montreal-two-French-heritage-amateur-draft-protections..

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  • William Underwood
    I m not sure that Paiement wasn t an Ontario Frenchman.now Potvin s family I believe had Montreal roots thus his dad was probably Quebec born.I m not as sure
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2009
      I'm not sure that Paiement wasn't an Ontario Frenchman.now Potvin's family I
      believe had Montreal roots thus his dad was probably Quebec born.I'm not as
      sure with Paeiment.

      But I seem to also reading what you say, and I as I also recall this was the
      beginning of the other teams saying "you're not using it.so why do we have
      it?'. And as the draft rules changed it all began to become clear that the
      rule just did not fit in with the new reality of no sponsorship. In the
      original draft ANY non protected junior was open (how the Leafs lost Brad
      Park.they simply did not protect him as they could still have done that
      year) therefore these were not the really top kids as a rule, most of them
      were singed/protected. So it seemed harmless enough. Then the draft pool
      opened up a sponsorship ended giving the Habs the major advantage of in
      effect being able to exempt two players from the draft when non one else
      could exempt any at all. And in a way it was even tougher than the old
      system.in those days nothing really stopped teams from grabbing top young
      French kids if they were on the ball and signed them before the Habs did so
      or protected them. Ratelle and Gilbert ended up Rangers, Parent (a Montreal
      kid like Gilbert) and Marotte were Bruins and before that Pilote a Hawk and
      Pronovost a Wing. The Rangers made a run at Beliveau in the 50's as I recall
      but he refused to sign a C Form with them or the Habs but the Habs let him
      sign a B Form. This was a critcal differdnce, the B From only gave a club
      pro rights, a C Form also gave them AMATEUR rights and the pro club the
      right to tell you when you turned pro. And in the new biography of Jacques
      Plante we see that the Detroit Red Wings were the first to seriously look at
      him but he did not want to sign with them as they were deep in goal and he
      did not want to move to Ontario to play junior on a C Form as the Wings had
      no Quebec junior team at the time. There was even a controversy later when
      Toronto put them on their negotiation list.the Habs screamed because he was
      on the Junior Canadien list but had not actually signed with them nor was he
      on the Hab protected lists. The Leafs dropped it but they actually
      could/should have won the issue if pressed.

      Now think about it, under the old system ANY top Quebec kid was open, you
      just had to get him on a list before he was into the open draft. Odds are
      that Marcel Dionne would have been a RANGER! Apparently they had a
      relationship with a junior team in Drummondville, this is why they were the
      "Rangers" and called the Voltigeurs today. Dionne was from Drummondville.he
      also shunned playing junior in Quebec thus he had no issues about playing
      junior in Ontario.thus the Habs would have lost him prior to the end of
      sponsorship to a Ranger protected list and C Form.all the Rangers would have
      to do is to sign or protect him. But if we fast forward, had the draft rules
      continued as they were in the late 60's WITHOUT sponsorship, you are
      correct, the Habs would have had him for sure with NO ONE else EVER having a
      shot. It was like a special protected list.

      The old draft rules were made for 1963, the league was still averse to
      expansion. They were thinking to dump sponsorship but there were only 6
      teams and the draft order rotated. It didn't seem so bad a concession in
      that context, after all in most years there were plenty of good players for
      only 6 teams to draft.It was just never really designed for an expanded
      league. I'm not sure it really would have even worked well for an unexpanded
      with no sponsorship for the long term for the simple reason that it was only
      4 rounds long max. it would have meant a lot of free agents.though one could
      also argue that for a six team league four guys per year were plenty to take
      as jobs were tight.

      It is interesting stuff.

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    • William Underwood
      They did not have to exercise the right. If they did not use it they kept their pick in the normal position. Therefore it was a nice advantage, when Quebec had
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 8, 2010
        They did not have to exercise the right. If they did not use it they kept
        their pick in the normal position. Therefore it was a nice advantage, when
        Quebec had a great player they could claim him and if it was barren they
        just didn't exercise the pick and drafted someone else.

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