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  • James Benesh
    Hello, I m new to the list. Located in Regina, SK, 26 years old, major hockey nerd, found out about this list through HAG_list, and this is my first post. I m
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2008
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      Hello, I'm new to the list. Located in Regina, SK, 26 years old, major
      hockey nerd, found out about this list through HAG_list, and this is my
      first post.

      I'm looking for a few things that would help to expand my knowledge of
      players and my assessments of some older ones. Here they are, in point form:

      1) "Retroactive" all-star teams from the NHL for the 1917-1930 period. I
      have heard that www.whatifsports.com had something like this, but I was not
      able to locate it there. We can always guess at what these all-star teams
      would have looked like, but something semi-official/universal would
      obviously be nice to see.

      2) A spreadsheet containing full team playoff summaries much like what we
      see on hockeydb.com, but including +/- (the most recent years' playoff +/-
      are on hockey-reference.com but all seasons from 1968 to 1983 are not
      there... or did the NHL not tally playoff +/- until 1983?)

      3) A spreadsheet with a listing of all NHL players and their career
      "adjusted points" - adjusted based on the standard formula - league scoring
      level, roster size, and assists per goal. I have a sheet that goes up only
      to 2004.

      4) A spreadsheet with a listing of all players' adjusted playoff points and
      adjusted playoff wins by goalies. I believe this is adjusted by length of
      playoff schedule and league playoff scoring levels. I've seen a chart of the
      all-time leaders in adjusted playoff points, and wins by a goaltender so I
      know the complete info has been compiled and is out there somewhere.

      5) A list of goals-per-game averages by NHL playoff season? It tends to
      differ greatly from the regular season average each season so it would be
      useful to have if creating adjusted playoff goals and points totals.

      5) "The Trail Of the Stanley Cup" does a good job chronicling the history of
      the NHA & PCHA, but those leagues kept track of assists for many seasons,
      according to the info we see on bios at legendsofhockey.net, and the first
      volume of "The Trail" has no assist totals, not even from the NHL. Has
      anyone put the now readily available assist totals together with these goal
      totals to compile accurate season-by-season assists and points leaderboards
      for these early leagues? - it appears the legendsofhockey.net bios are the
      best place to get assist totals for these players, but if they're not either
      a hall of famer, or NHL alumni, they don't have a bio. We could piece
      together leaderboards based on those, but I fear that might mean that the
      assist totals of non-HOF-non-NHL players are lost forever. Hockeydb now
      appears to have complete PCHA statistics starting in 1921, as well as
      complete WCHL/WHL stats, but what about the first 9 years of the PCHA, and
      what about the NHA?
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