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Where are they now? the 1980 Islanders

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    Will past Islanders help shape future? As the 1980 players are feted, talk is how they might lead now BY ALAN HAHN STAFF WRITER March 5, 2006 Al Arbour stood
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      Will past Islanders help shape future?
      As the 1980 players are feted, talk is how they might lead now


      March 5, 2006

      Al Arbour stood among his boys in his old house, looking not old, but
      sage. Looking not elderly, but grandfatherly. Looking at peace with
      his family back together and enjoying each other.

      Getting them back for last night's celebration of the Islanders' 1980
      Stanley Cup team at Nassau Coliseum wasn't difficult. They came from
      all over and, in the cases of Anders Kallur and Stefan Persson, they
      came from as far as Sweden.

      Keeping them here - at least in spirit - is what many of them believe
      is just what the franchise needs after all these years of detachment
      from the dynasty era.

      "We consider ourselves a family," said Arbour, the dynasty
      coach. "You've got to consider that, bringing the family back
      together. We've been kind of split down the middle. It's got to be

      With a major reorganization of the franchise under way, which
      includes the search for a new general manager and, in all likelihood,
      a new coach, the Islanders' legacy finally might be rediscovered.

      One member of the 1980 team, Steve Tambellini, is a candidate for the
      GM position and is expected to meet with owner Charles Wang soon. A
      few others, Duane Sutter and Ken Morrow, also are well qualified for
      the job or, at the very least, qualified for upper-level management

      And then there's Brent Sutter, who arrived in 1981, later was handed
      the captaincy from Denis Potvin and now is considered a wild-card
      candidate for either GM or coach. It is unknown if Sutter, who runs a
      junior hockey team in Alberta, would come back to Long Island. But it
      is known he is interested.

      "It's a big jump to do both positions, as a rookie. But Brent's a
      pretty intelligent individual and he's had success at many levels,"
      said his brother Duane, who is the director of pro scouting for the
      Florida Panthers. "It's a challenge, but if anyone can do it, it
      would be Brent." Duane Sutter believes the current Islanders team "is
      not that far away" and said hiring a former Islander to run the
      team "would put a spark back into the program."

      Sutter and the rest of the Islanders' alumni aren't clamoring for a
      former Islander. What everyone would like to see - as the franchise's
      first GM, Bill Torrey, put it - is "absolutely the best guy, the most
      qualified person."

      Said Torrey, "If he's someone from the past, so much the better."

      "I think one of the things you have to look at is there are guys who
      were here that are now qualified to be here," Bob Nystrom said,
      referring to Brent Sutter and Tambellini, a longtime assistant GM
      with the Vancouver Canucks who played on the 1979-80 team and part of
      the 1980-81 season.

      Tambellini did not attend the celebration because of a previous
      engagement, but Torrey said he spoke with him at the AHL all-star
      game last month. "He's very, very interested," Torrey said.

      The belief is that several former Islanders will seek roles within
      the organization. Dave Langevin has been successful in real estate in
      Minnesota but is interested in coming back to the organization as an
      assistant coach. Bryan Trottier remains an option behind the bench.

      All of this pleases Arbour.

      "I think you've got to keep the flame going and the past and the
      history of the team; that's got to be kept here," Arbour said. "A lot
      of that has been forgotten. You have to bring it back."

      Where are they now?

      Mike Bossy Director of sales for Humpty Dumpty snack foods in Canada;
      morning radio host on XM

      Bob Bourne

      Real estate broker and investor in British Columbia

      Clark Gillies

      Senior investment adviser for Raymond James; also runs Clark Gillies

      Lorne Henning

      Pro scout for the Vancouver Canucks

      Garry Howatt

      Owns and operates a golf course/driving range in New Jersey

      Anders Kallur

      European scout for the Islanders

      Gord Lane

      President of Next Shift, a firm that helps athletes make transition
      into business

      Bob Lorimer

      Vice president of marketing for Sceptre Investment Counsel, Ltd.

      Wayne Merrick

      In private business in London, Ontario

      Ken Morrow

      Director of pro scouting for the Islanders

      Bob Nystrom

      Vice president of marketing for HRH Consulting; director of alumni
      relations for the Islanders

      Stefan Persson

      Member of the disciplinary board of Swedish hockey; also in private

      Jean Potvin

      Principal of First Albany Capital on Wall Street

      Denis Potvin

      Color analyst for Florida Panthers games on FSN South Florida

      Chico Resch

      Color analyst for Devils games on FSN New York

      Bill Smith

      Touring with NHL Legends, which plays games across Canada to raise
      money for


      Duane Sutter

      Director of player development for the Florida Panthers (2000 photo)

      Steve Tambellini

      Assistant general manager for the Vancouver Canucks and Team Canada

      John Tonelli

      Senior vice president of Fidelity National Title

      Bryan Trottier

      Vice president of Rebellion Hockey; works closely with First Nations
      of Canada

      Not pictured: Alex McKendry works at Suncore in Canada
      Copyright 2006 Newsday Inc.

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