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Re: [hockhist] NHL rumor?

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    John: Isn t Key Arena the same building as the Seattle Center Coliseum as it was known as years ago when the Seattle Totems played in the old WHL and CHL?
    Message 1 of 33 , Jun 6 7:58 AM

      Isn't "Key Arena" the same building as the "Seattle Center Coliseum" as it was known as years ago when the Seattle Totems played in the old WHL and CHL?

      --Dave Soutter
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      Key Arena, to my knowledge, unsuitable
      for major league hockey anymore. My understanding is that the
      renovation that was undertaken a few years ago essentially ruled out
      any NHL team going in there.

      When Seattle was a hot candidate 10-15 years ago, that was when the
      Sonics ownership at the time was trying to get a new arena built. They
      got the renovation instead.


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    • Morey Holzman
      I ve only been there once, but any city that names its airport after someone who died in a plane crash should be NHL material.. Morey
      Message 33 of 33 , Jun 11 1:08 AM
        I've only been there once, but any city that names its airport after someone who died in a
        plane crash should be NHL material..


        --- In hockhist@yahoogroups.com, Marc Foster <jrhockeyblog@c...> wrote:
        > > Dave Soutter writes
        > > Please excuse my reference to Oklahoma City as "Oke City". I've been to
        > > Oklahoma City, but I've never lived there, and quite honestly, didn't realize
        > > using that shortened version would be offensive so someone who has or does
        > > live there. I have seen and heard "Oke City" used specifically in hockey
        > > articles, newscasts and the like for many years. Of course, I realize that
        > > doesn't necessarily make it acceptable to a native.
        > I forfeited my rights to defend the city when I moved away five years ago.
        > I'm technically not a native, though my great grandparents made both the
        > 1889 and 1893 land runs (settling up north in Kay County).
        > > I do remember back in the old CHL, the Stars wore a big "OKC" logo on the
        > > front of their jerseys.
        > The jumbled font of those lower case letters being something of an
        > unofficial city logo...
        > > Just for clarification and my own educational benefit, do you literally say
        > > "O-K-C" when referencing the city, or are you just shortening the name
        > > "Oklahoma City" to "OKC" in print, but actually do reference the entire name
        > > "Oklahoma City" when pronouncing it live?
        > O-K-C. To me, Oak and Oke are synonymous. The only reason they bother me
        > at all is they promote misspellings of Oklahoma. If by Oke you pronounce it
        > "Okie," then I just chalk it up to geographical illiteracy (the Okies left
        > in the 1930s, see below).
        > Of course, living 200 miles south I don't like it when the Metroplex is
        > referred to as Dallas-Fort Worth. Any fool can look at the names on a map
        > and see that it's Fort Worth-Dallas... *wink*
        > > From: Jim Hekel <jhekelcubs@y...>
        > > LOL, I was really confused. I thought maybe you were
        > > talking about Oakland.
        > That's the other thing it promotes... :)
        > > From: Frank TEX Liebmann <texliebmann@y...>
        > > These are from song lyrics sung by Vince Gill and Reba McEntire, both from
        > > Oklahoma:
        > >
        > > from Oklahoma Swing...
        > > There's a boy from Okie City and I sure think he's pretty
        > > But I know he's trying to steal my heart away
        > > Oh my mama tried to warn me he's done time in California
        > > But he'll be an Okie til his dyin' day
        > >
        > > from Ridin' The Rodeo...
        > > My back side's sore and I'm movin' kinda slow
        > > But when I hit Okie City there's a barrel racer that I know
        > > A little home cookin' and some lovin' to heal my bones
        > > That's the life of a cowboy ridin' the rodeo
        > If your point of reference is California, then Okie City (not Oak or Oke)
        > makes sense, though to me "Okie" City is synonymous with Fresno because as
        > Will Rogers said, "all the Okies moved to California and raised the IQ's of
        > both states." :)
        > > From: "DAVE SOUTTER" <dsoutter@m...>
        > > Correct me if I'm mistaken on this, but I believe "Oke City" is a common FAA
        > > abbreviation for Oklahoma City.
        > Will Rogers Airport, the main reference for OKC, is OKC. Wiley Post Airport
        > in Bethany is PWA, Tinker AFB in Midwest City is TIK, and Norman's Max
        > Westheimer Airport is OUN. As far as I can tell, there is no OKE in use,
        > domestic or international.
        > > From: Michael Levin <michael.levin@t...>
        > > Just a guess, and I am not a musician or a poet, but my guess is Okie
        > > City fits within the song better than OKC or Oklahoma City. Something
        > > about syllables. I would reckon that annunciation may have been a
        > > reason too. I believe the technical term is "poetic license."
        > Ya. It could also be that as natives of a third world region, they just
        > ain't too bright... :)
        > > It also drives me up a wall when announcers refer to that cow college
        > > in Stillwater as Okie State or Oak State. Um.. the natives and the
        > > alums, when not asking if you want fries with that hamburger, call it
        > > either Oklahoma State or OSU. I did not know there was another OSU
        > > until I moved to Iowa.
        > To me, it will always be Oklahoma A&M and Aggies, even though the name was
        > changed a decade before I was born, BTW, the alums don't ask you for fries,
        > they ask if you want an upgrade on that flight or car rental. I think OKC
        > has become the call center capital of the universe. Heck, 98% of the
        > corporate infrastructure for Hertz is in OKC, but the corporate office is in
        > New Jersey. Phillips and Conoco (previously based in Bartlesville and Ponca
        > City) both left for Houston via mergers (ObSports - Bartlesville TURNED DOWN
        > an offer to have an NBA team in 1952, when the "amateur" Phillips 66ers were
        > the best team around), and I think Kerr-McGee recently left OKC. Flemming
        > Foods corporate offices left about the same time I did.
        > Marc
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