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Re: [hockhist] NHL rumor?

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  • John Edwards
    ... It would be, except that the Key Arena, to my knowledge, unsuitable for major league hockey anymore. My understanding is that the renovation that was
    Message 1 of 33 , Jun 6, 2005
      On 6/5/05, Fashoway@... <Fashoway@...> wrote:
      > As much as I would love to see NHL in Portland (I live there) this city is so
      > messed up I cannot see it coming here. Yes, we have the Rose Garden that is
      > ready for a team, the politics in the town are so backwards that they wouldn't
      > know a good opportunity if it were a truck and ran over them. With that said
      > the most logical place in the Northwest would be Seattle.

      It would be, except that the Key Arena, to my knowledge, unsuitable
      for major league hockey anymore. My understanding is that the
      renovation that was undertaken a few years ago essentially ruled out
      any NHL team going in there.

      When Seattle was a hot candidate 10-15 years ago, that was when the
      Sonics ownership at the time was trying to get a new arena built. They
      got the renovation instead.


      Life... loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it. (Marvin, the
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    • Morey Holzman
      I ve only been there once, but any city that names its airport after someone who died in a plane crash should be NHL material.. Morey
      Message 33 of 33 , Jun 11, 2005
        I've only been there once, but any city that names its airport after someone who died in a
        plane crash should be NHL material..


        --- In hockhist@yahoogroups.com, Marc Foster <jrhockeyblog@c...> wrote:
        > > Dave Soutter writes
        > > Please excuse my reference to Oklahoma City as "Oke City". I've been to
        > > Oklahoma City, but I've never lived there, and quite honestly, didn't realize
        > > using that shortened version would be offensive so someone who has or does
        > > live there. I have seen and heard "Oke City" used specifically in hockey
        > > articles, newscasts and the like for many years. Of course, I realize that
        > > doesn't necessarily make it acceptable to a native.
        > I forfeited my rights to defend the city when I moved away five years ago.
        > I'm technically not a native, though my great grandparents made both the
        > 1889 and 1893 land runs (settling up north in Kay County).
        > > I do remember back in the old CHL, the Stars wore a big "OKC" logo on the
        > > front of their jerseys.
        > The jumbled font of those lower case letters being something of an
        > unofficial city logo...
        > > Just for clarification and my own educational benefit, do you literally say
        > > "O-K-C" when referencing the city, or are you just shortening the name
        > > "Oklahoma City" to "OKC" in print, but actually do reference the entire name
        > > "Oklahoma City" when pronouncing it live?
        > O-K-C. To me, Oak and Oke are synonymous. The only reason they bother me
        > at all is they promote misspellings of Oklahoma. If by Oke you pronounce it
        > "Okie," then I just chalk it up to geographical illiteracy (the Okies left
        > in the 1930s, see below).
        > Of course, living 200 miles south I don't like it when the Metroplex is
        > referred to as Dallas-Fort Worth. Any fool can look at the names on a map
        > and see that it's Fort Worth-Dallas... *wink*
        > > From: Jim Hekel <jhekelcubs@y...>
        > > LOL, I was really confused. I thought maybe you were
        > > talking about Oakland.
        > That's the other thing it promotes... :)
        > > From: Frank TEX Liebmann <texliebmann@y...>
        > > These are from song lyrics sung by Vince Gill and Reba McEntire, both from
        > > Oklahoma:
        > >
        > > from Oklahoma Swing...
        > > There's a boy from Okie City and I sure think he's pretty
        > > But I know he's trying to steal my heart away
        > > Oh my mama tried to warn me he's done time in California
        > > But he'll be an Okie til his dyin' day
        > >
        > > from Ridin' The Rodeo...
        > > My back side's sore and I'm movin' kinda slow
        > > But when I hit Okie City there's a barrel racer that I know
        > > A little home cookin' and some lovin' to heal my bones
        > > That's the life of a cowboy ridin' the rodeo
        > If your point of reference is California, then Okie City (not Oak or Oke)
        > makes sense, though to me "Okie" City is synonymous with Fresno because as
        > Will Rogers said, "all the Okies moved to California and raised the IQ's of
        > both states." :)
        > > From: "DAVE SOUTTER" <dsoutter@m...>
        > > Correct me if I'm mistaken on this, but I believe "Oke City" is a common FAA
        > > abbreviation for Oklahoma City.
        > Will Rogers Airport, the main reference for OKC, is OKC. Wiley Post Airport
        > in Bethany is PWA, Tinker AFB in Midwest City is TIK, and Norman's Max
        > Westheimer Airport is OUN. As far as I can tell, there is no OKE in use,
        > domestic or international.
        > > From: Michael Levin <michael.levin@t...>
        > > Just a guess, and I am not a musician or a poet, but my guess is Okie
        > > City fits within the song better than OKC or Oklahoma City. Something
        > > about syllables. I would reckon that annunciation may have been a
        > > reason too. I believe the technical term is "poetic license."
        > Ya. It could also be that as natives of a third world region, they just
        > ain't too bright... :)
        > > It also drives me up a wall when announcers refer to that cow college
        > > in Stillwater as Okie State or Oak State. Um.. the natives and the
        > > alums, when not asking if you want fries with that hamburger, call it
        > > either Oklahoma State or OSU. I did not know there was another OSU
        > > until I moved to Iowa.
        > To me, it will always be Oklahoma A&M and Aggies, even though the name was
        > changed a decade before I was born, BTW, the alums don't ask you for fries,
        > they ask if you want an upgrade on that flight or car rental. I think OKC
        > has become the call center capital of the universe. Heck, 98% of the
        > corporate infrastructure for Hertz is in OKC, but the corporate office is in
        > New Jersey. Phillips and Conoco (previously based in Bartlesville and Ponca
        > City) both left for Houston via mergers (ObSports - Bartlesville TURNED DOWN
        > an offer to have an NBA team in 1952, when the "amateur" Phillips 66ers were
        > the best team around), and I think Kerr-McGee recently left OKC. Flemming
        > Foods corporate offices left about the same time I did.
        > Marc
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