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Re: Hockey Nets

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  • goaliedave
    Dave... I like your thinking ... smaller puck is fair to all players. You rightly point out (as did Jim earlier) that you can t have minor hockey nets
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2005
      Dave... I like your thinking ... smaller puck is fair to all players. You
      rightly point out (as did Jim earlier) that you can't have minor hockey nets
      bigger... so now what, we are going to change the playing surface dimensions
      or net dimensions every age level?! Or maybe make it like horse racing,
      where if you have a smaller jockey then you must get handicapped. Perhaps
      bigger goalies should have bigger nets. Arenas could stock several sizes and
      then each game decide which ones to put out depending on a set of criteria
      like age, size, skill level, etc.

      I can't find who wrote the "We are talking about giving the shooter the same
      amount of net
      to shoot at that he had back in the 70's and 80's." that made you respond
      ... but I have to roll my eyes when I hear this.

      Whether we are one of the many scholars on this list or not, we all know
      from high school science that the first step in solving a problem is to
      identify it correctly. To say that small nets is the problem is so narrow as
      to be useless. What is the problem? If it is a lack of scoring, then some of
      the broader issues that have been mentioned need looking at.

      What is wrong with Dave's idea of a smaller puck?

      What about going back to the 70s or 80s for equipment? I'd like to see how
      today's pampered skaters would cope with a 1970s stick that Bobby Hull used
      to score 50 goals. Half of them couldn't even lift it over their head, it's
      so heavy. And if you take away the curved blade, more skaters would have to
      learn the backhand, with which many goals were scored pre-90s... it's the
      best offensive weapon as the goalie has no clue where it's going.

      Dave in Whitby
      "Every goal is the result of a breakdown by a skater soemwhere up the ice"

      --Dave Soutter wrote:

      All this talk of increasing the size of the goal is very surprising to me.
      The rationale for doing this seems to be based on the fact that goalie
      equipment is bulkier today than 20 years ago, or that the average size
      player is bigger these days. As far as the size of players go, that is
      totally irrelevant. Using the aforementioned logic, perhaps the size of the
      goal should increase incrementally with the size of the guy in goal. How
      about a net an inch taller and wider for every guy between 6-0 and 6-2, then
      add another inch for every player between 6-2 and 6-4, etc...?? Not ALL
      players are bigger today than 20 years ago, and whether they are or not
      doesn't matter. There were big goalies 20-30 years ago (Ken Dryden, Dave
      Dryden, John Davidson, Wayne Thomas) and I don't believe their size really
      gave them much of an advantage. It was their skill that made them good and
      hard to score on. Maybe someone should ask Emile Francis or Darren Pang if
      increasing the size of the goal is a good idea!

      As far as padding goes, it would be much more logical to implement size
      restrictions on the equipment, rather than the net itself, if your aim is to
      return things to the way they were 20 years ago. The standard goal size has
      been in place for a long time, and to change it now is hardly a practical
      idea. And just where does the change take place? Just at the pro level?
      What about college or juniors? High school? PeeWees, squirts? Do or will
      European leagues follow suit? Sorry, I don't agree that increasing the size
      of the goal net is a good idea in any sense. It seems like a drastic measure
      to a perceived problem. I doubt we'd ever see it anyway. North American
      rinks will all be Olympic-sized before the size of the goal nets change.

      Hey, look! here's an idea...let's just make the puck smaller!
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