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Français Volants and Southampton

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  • Jean-Patrice Martel
    At the beginning of the 1936-37 season, the French hockey teams Français Volants and Sports Club Rapide de Paris ran into financial difficulties and, in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
      At the beginning of the 1936-37 season, the French hockey
      teams "Français Volants" and "Sports Club Rapide de Paris" ran into
      financial difficulties and, in an unusual move, transferred to
      England, as the Southampton Vikings and Manchester Rapids
      respectively. This is fairly well documented.

      Now, the Français Volants de Paris are credited with winning the
      French championship (the Magnus Cup) in the 1935-36, 1936-37, and
      1937-38 seasons. How does that work?

      I can think of two possibilities. Either there were two teams called
      Français Volants (actually one called Français Volants, and one
      called Français Volants de Paris) playing at the same time, both
      based in Paris, and the first one is the one that relocated. It would
      seem strange that two teams would have the same name in the same
      city, but who knows. The CFL had the Rough Riders and the Roughriders
      in a 9-team league for many years. The other possibility is that
      there was only one team, which won one championship, then relocated,
      but immediately after, someone else built a new team from scratch
      with the same name, and went on to win two more championships in a

      Does anyone have details on this? In particular, had the relocated
      team played any game in France before relocating, or did it happen
      before the start of the season? Where could I find info on those

      As an aside, at least one source I found on the internet seemed to
      suggest that prior to relocating, the two teams, although based in
      Paris, were playing in the British League. The cost of travelling is
      then used to explain the financial difficulties. I haven't seen a
      confirmation of this anywhere, and I believe this info to be


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