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  • William Underwood
    And like I say, smoke is often blown...if he has such doubts, why is he involved? There are a lot of ifs but just as the case with LA, don t believe
    Message 1 of 16 , Dec 3, 2003
      And like I say, smoke is often blown...if he has such doubts, why is he

      There are a lot of "ifs" but just as the case with LA, don't believe
      everything you hear publicly. Waronker mentioned LA as I recall
      originally. Now, as you say there is seemingly no confirmation of it.
      Jerry Buss has been mentioned and it makes some degree of sense no one
      has heard it from Buss himself. Hence his statements about Birmingham
      require some scrutiny also. This is not calling Waronker a liar but
      rather that he is playing the game. A league talks to a Buss you play it
      up early on...you buy a team in a town and are announcing something
      ahead of the rest of your brethren you play it cautious if you are also
      eying it as a minor pro town for plan B. He is doing things smart!

      You have to understand that he is walking a thin line there. He wants
      Birmingham for WHA2 and to keep it out of SEHL hands if the WHA doesn't
      go. So he was VERY clever in covering his tracks. This way if it indeed
      isn't a go he isn't really backtracking if he has to tell people, "oh
      yeah...there will be hockey this year but it will be minor league
      hockey..." If he had promised big league hockey with no caveat he would
      have eaten crow BIG TIME having to do that. And may have even lost the
      lease! His going concern for the present is WHA2 and no doubt a big part
      of their agenda is the demise or at least containment of the SEHL. He
      has to fight that war right now first and foremost as it is a going

      So while he did make that statement, and it may even be true, I'm not
      100% sure that it isn't a case of covering the tracks in the interest of
      his minor pro venture and perhaps a bit of smoke blowing too. I'd do the
      same if I was in his shoes! As everyone including myself have said, the
      WHA is not a done deal. Like I said in my last post, until those teams
      are paid up with leases and operating with front offices, NOTHING is
      fully settled. There is still a lot of water to pass under the bridge no
      matter what is announced in the near future. On the other hand he has a
      minor pro venture to protect in the present.

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      > We know that Birmingham (Waronker 20% a group out of Paramus NJ 80%)
      > in and Waronker also has at least one Florida entry. We also know that
      > they had a group in Phoenix talking lease and two prospective groups
      > Minnesota. There are other cities that have seen activity but we
      > don't know just what. LA, Pittsburgh, Quebec City all fall into this
      > category. But it is tough to track down all pertinent details! As I
      > their security has been DARN good as a rule.

      Yes but Waronker himself has been doubtful this will happen. It has been
      lot of ifs...

      Should be interesting to see what happens. I know of nothing here in LA.


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