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RE: [hockhist] Game 7 Final Ratings

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  • William Underwood
    ... players? ... like ... turned ... And I agree that you can do that. But there has to be an appeal for that nobody does there not? And there has to be some
    Message 1 of 41 , Jul 1, 2003
      >> Where is the evidence that there is any great demand for hockey
      > You say it yourself Brian, the sport has no ratings. In fact it has
      > declining ratings. Why would any major firm want to take on a task
      >> that? Who would want players from such a sport as their spokesmen?

      >I come from an entertainment background. I have seen NOBODIES who get
      >into somebody because of the right marketing campaign.

      And I agree that you can do that. But there has to be an appeal for that
      nobody does there not? And there has to be some starting point. OK we
      can take a Joe Isuzu for an example. He'd be a classic example of a
      nobody that made it as a somebody, an anonymous actor. But we come to
      two points now. One, he got that platform as an actor. When have we seen
      a sports nobody make it as a somebody without a sports background that
      people care about? I deal with sports marketing not entertainment in the
      pure sense. Most people want a guy with a salable sports background to
      endorse etc. It is their athletic background that they want to cash in,.
      Secondly, we can take the one example of a sports personality that I can
      think of that this happened for. Jacko. He was an Aussie rules player.
      But is that what got him his shot at fame? No. It was his odd look, his
      accent, etc. And we come to point two. When a nobody becomes a somebody,
      the only identification is the context of their "personality". Does
      anyone know Joe Isuzu's real name? Do we look up his other work? How
      many people realized Jackos background, and how many watched Aussie
      Rules after being prompted by it? How may people even realized Rocky
      Graziano had actually BEEN a REAL boxer? How many cared? Who looked it

      So sure, we could get an odd looking hockey player and get somebody to
      hire him but does it mean that he would get anyone interested in hockey?
      No. Could it just be anybody? Come on Brian you KNOW that isn't true!
      And if they are trying to cash in on his hockey, why would we believe
      anyone would respond to him? And it comes back to, if I am an advertiser
      why would I POSSIBLY want an NHL player when I could get even the
      moderately talented NFL or NBA "story of the day" to be my spokesmen.

      I never said that nobody's can't be made into somebodies. I just, one,
      have my doubts that it would do anything for hockey. After all did
      Boomer Geoffrion's light beer ads where they cashed in on his accent
      ever sell the game? They were pretty popular back in the late 70's/early
      80's...did they give people the need to watch hockey? No, it gave them
      the need to drink beer!

      Secondly, indeed if a hockey nobody was to become a somebody, I submit
      that he would be more of an actor than an ambassador for hockey. First
      of all, he would probably have to fit the characature of the game that
      most Americans see it as. He probably would have to at least mention
      fighting etc. Secondly, in the end he would be doing it more as an
      actor less as a hockey player. Americans simply lack the link to hockey
      so its hard to imagine say chunky soup wanting an NHL players and his
      mom to be foisting opff their product like they do NFL guys.

      And it keeps on coming back to that question. Why would a sponsor WANT a
      hockey player when you have players from the big three out there? It
      makes NO SENSE! I deal with New York ad execs now and then, an old
      friend of mine is with one of the biggest firms. They just have little
      interest in anything that has to do with hockey as a vehicle for their
      clients. Why? Hockey's overall numbers put the mass public's feet to
      sleep. You can get endorsements for this niche upscale thing or that but
      not much beyond it.
      And to go beyond it you'd need that crazy Matthew Barnaby type going in
      there to pick a fight in a posh eating place etc to really create an ad
      appeal. In other words, to equate hockey with almost roller derby.

      There are reasons why people don't even recruit many hockey player s as
      spokesmen. There have been attempts but non e have ever caught on. Will
      there be more. Sure! Will they work? Maybe. But will they really result
      in ratings for the sport? No.

      >Will NHL stars be as big as NBA, MLB, etc... probably not, but they can
      some level get more exposure. There are tons of cable tv programs,
      >etc who are looking for a different angle.

      And they get them at the local cable levels BIG TIME in areas where
      there is an identity for hockey. The tough part is to do it nationally.
      Jeremy Roenick has an appeal I Philly. He doesn't nationwide. So you see
      his ads here all of the time on cable. The problem is that in the areas
      where there is no NHL he ahs no appeal. And hockey has such a provincial
      local following in the US that his appeal diminishes the minute that you
      leave Philly. Similarly, doing an ad with a non flyer around here would
      get ZERO response...

      >Mia Hamm, how big is women's
      soccer? She was part of the marketing machine and it took off. C'mon
      Mike Modano
      >could'nt do the same thing or someting similar?

      He couldn't. why? One Mia is cute, the sex appeal goes a LONG way. Take
      note her less attractive team mates don't get these things. Two, she is
      a hot property due to the tide of women's athletics, she is an idol to
      millions of little girls. It is almost a symbol of female empowerment.
      Three, she was a part of a very American phenomenon, a US World Cup
      side. Not only that but a team that was made up of All American girls
      that were not millionaire players. She had that "story" on her side. In
      essence Modano doesn't have "girl power".

      Now to put it in even more perspective. We just saw a US team go pretty
      far in the men's World Cup. Do we see ANY players from it get ads? Nope.
      Why? Again, Mia had what the WNBA stars have...the gender issue. They
      reach out into an entirely NEW market. And look at most of their
      endorsements...female products...you can be a girl, tough, active and
      pretty and feminine too. All due respects to Magic Mike, he comes up
      short here...

      Secondly, have Mia's ads helped USA. Nope. Their TV ratings are nearly
      NON existent and their attendance in most markets is dwindling. Mia is
      that pretty girl that we see on ads not a hook to watch her sport...

      >My point is the NHL does NOTHING
      >with it's stars ZERO!!!!

      And the demand for them is about the same...

      >If they got involved with the right people who know
      >what could happen.

      Maybe one or two guys might make money as ACTORS and probably as
      grotesque characatures of the game that might do it more harm than good.
      And the ratings...they'd still be sub zero.

      >Snowboarders, Skateboarders, X games stars, etc..

      All of which use products with MASSIVE sales figures. How many kids
      skateboard? They have a NATURAL market.

      >NASCAR for
      years has done an amazing job of making there stars, STARS and it has
      .up with it being one of the biggest sports now, surpassing hockey.

      And it actually had a greater following for years! Auto racing ALWAYS
      had a larger following, It just lacked the governing body to do much
      with it for years. It was a case of exposure meeting demand! Come on
      Brian, you don't remember all of the formula one guys doing ads for

      Plus we see that tie in. What do we see them hawking? Automotive goods!
      All the ad execs did was do form formula one drivers to stock drivers.
      And it was actually a clever transition! Stock cars ALWAYS had a huge
      following, they just never had the proper vehicle no... pun intended. It
      was a NATURAL development.

      Hockey has ZERO following in most of the US. How many nooks and cranies
      don't have their own race track in the area? The tow are not close to
      analogous. I submit that hockey's place in the top four has always been
      a bit artificial...a myth. The problem was that other sports were more
      fragmented until the 90's when we saw a great deal of consolidation and
      organization in response to big sponsorship dough.

      >Hey Mike was a star player, but now he has tons more exposure because
      of the
      >deals he cut.

      And those deals were simple to make. The top catcher in baseball,
      playing in LA...there was a reason to cut those deals. The hook was
      there, people knew and cared about who he was to star tout with. His
      personality was shown in interviews in a major market in a major sport
      long before he ever got any of those deals. People were crafting and
      buying into a sure thing. And when he is retired, he will STILL get
      exposure. But his playing appeal is where it all started.

      >I know the pitfalls and agree with what you say, but if the NHL could
      get on
      >board with some creative people, things could change......

      I just doubt that they really could. You might see a player or two make
      it big as a an ad hawker but it would have zero effect on hockey in the
      end. No more so than Harrison Ford is known as or looked at as a

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      In a message dated 7/2/03 10:45:34 AM US Mountain Standard Time, ... Your right! Open up the game and return it to the way it was 10 years ago and that is a
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        > I'm going to step in here and then duck for cover. I don't believe
        > the NHL needs new fans.
        > They need their old fans.

        Your right! Open up the game and return it to the way it was 10 years ago and
        that is a good start!


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