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Soviets and Jets in Tokyo 2&3

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  • James Karkoski
    This again is a translation from the Mainichi Shimbun, date Dec.31, 1977. Again, no summary accompaigned the article. The Soviet s win with Top Players Out
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 1999
      This again is a translation from the Mainichi Shimbun, date Dec.31, 1977.

      Again, no summary accompaigned the article.

      The Soviet's win with Top Players Out
      Game Two of the Soviet-Canada Series

      The 2nd game of the Soviet-Canada Series was played at the Kokuritsu
      Olympic Pool's specifically designed rink with a 1 PM starting on the
      afternoon of the 30th. The Soviets defeated Canada 4 to 2 for their
      second win in a row. The third game of the series will be held on New
      Year's Day at the same venue with the starting time at 7 PM.

      Soviets 1-2-1 =4
      Canada 0-1-1 =2

      Even though the Soviets didn't dress their star forwards Boris Mikhailov
      and Valeri Kharlamov, as well as replacing their world renown goalie
      Vladislav Tretjak in the nets, they were still good enough to score a 4
      to 2 victory.

      The scoring opened up at 12 minutes of the first period when defenseman
      Gennadi Tsygankov broke from the opposite side and scored a pretty goal
      off a pass centered by Alexander Maltsev. The Canadians had some fine
      individual rushes, but relying too much on individual
      play lead to a simple one sided attack which he Soviets either broke up
      or forced into a long shots. Using some very fine passing to
      counterattack, the Soviets managed to pin the Canadians down in their
      zone for most of the period.

      Canada tied the score at 3 minutes of the 2nd Period when defenseman Lynn
      Powis scored on a slap shot from the slot. But, 20 seconds after, the
      Soviet's Boris Alexandrov sent a pass to Alexander Lobanov which the
      young player one timed into the net. Then, at 8 minutes the same
      combination combined for another score and the Soviets took a lead which
      they never relinquished.

      In comparison to the first game, the Canadians showed neither the speed
      or the drive in this game. Their coach Larry Hillman explained, "After
      this we will soon return home and resume our league games. These games
      with the Soviets are only exhibitions our players just don't have their
      usually drive in them." Although Hillman did make this explaination, it
      does an injustice to the build up of the series as "Battle of the World's
      Strongest". One can only hope that country which is known as the best of
      the world in hockey will treat the New Year's Game as a "league game."

      The Game played on New Year's day had a small article on the paper of the
      3rd which said nothing about the game except that the Soviets won 5 to 1
      in front of a crowd of about 5,000. The line score of the game was:

      Soviets 0-4-1 =5
      Canada 1-0-0 =1

      I know that these aren't the greatest two articles but for the time being
      it is all that I have access to. There are a few more newspapers on
      microfilm that I will check the next time I get a chance to go to the
      Prefectural Library. None of the local libraries have any microfilm at
      all, so I have to make the trip there to research. If I ever can find any
      microfilm of the English language newspapers over here I will copy
      whatever I can find on the games.

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