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  • Bill Underwood
    Where do I order it? Bill
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 1999
      Where do I order it?


      MoreyH@... wrote:

      > From: MoreyH@...
      > I wanted to thank everyone who responded for my request on what to do with my
      > research.
      > I have thought very seriously of donating it to the database, but my problem
      > is that I've spent close to $20,000 (plus immeasurable time over the past 11
      > years) on this with the hope of publishing, so I'm not quite ready to just
      > give it away. While I don't expect to profit, it would be nice to recoup
      > some of the money I have laid out.
      > What I've decided to do is self-publish a book that can keep growing. Hockey
      > Year-By-Year will start mailing in October (if anyone is interested, the cost
      > is USD $15.95 for the first binder and the first three years of pro hockey,
      > IHL 1904-07, each year is $3.95 and publishes once a month.)
      > Included are the most complete player stats published, including jersey
      > numbers for more than 99% of every player to have ever played pro hockey.
      > Goalkeeper stats, including save percentage as far back as the 1964 Stanley
      > Cup playoffs, stories and antecdotes, etc.
      > What I will donate to Ralph's database are all my statistics one year after
      > publication. He is missing a lot on the goalie side, and I can help him
      > there.
      > For your perusal, my next several submissions concern a story which appeared
      > in the Copper Country Evening News in Feb. 1905 about a farmer's first trip
      > to a hockey game. This was pro hockey's first season, and most of the names
      > will be unfamiliar.
      > One Lorne Campbell, was hockey's first 100-goal (in a career) scorer, yet is
      > omitted from the Hall of Fame because he had a poor showing in the NHA in
      > 1909.
      > If this does not interest, I recommend deleting my next few submissions. I
      > would attach it to a Word file, but I'm not sure everyone is Office 2000
      > compatible.
      > Morey
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