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  • Murray Greig
    Hi, Joe: Here s the complete text of Robert Tyschkowski s story from the Feb. 1 Edmonton Sun: THE SPIRIT OF 72 It s 30 years later. The strides are slower and
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      Hi, Joe:
      Here's the complete text of Robert Tyschkowski's story from the Feb. 1
      Edmonton Sun:

      THE SPIRIT OF '72

      It's 30 years later. The strides are slower and the guts are bigger, but the
      stories only get better with age. And for anyone who's interested in hearing
      tales from the 1972 Summit Series first-hand, there's a rare opportunity
      coming to Edmonton in early April.

      In the tradition of Major League Baseball Fantasy Camps, several members of
      Team Canada 72 are hosting a fantasy camp and exhibition game of their own
      at West Edmonton Mall. "It's an opportunity to revisit one of the most
      recognized sports events and moments in Canadian history," said camp
      organizer Kerry Goulet. "And we wanted to bring that tradition to Edmonton.
      The Ice Palace venue is absolutely perfect."

      The camp includes a meet-and-greet dinner, two practices and scrimmages with
      six Team Canada players, a Team Canada numbered jersey and game socks, and
      various pieces of autographed memorabilia. The highlight is the Red-White
      game (with three players from the 72 team on each squad) at the Ice Palace,
      complete with national anthem, player introductions and coaches John
      Ferguson and Bill White. Former NHL officials Ron Wicks and Bill Friday will
      be flown in to work the game.

      "We try to make it as realistic as we possibly can," said Ron Ellis, who
      played on a line with Paul Henderson and Bobby Clarke for all eight games of
      the series. "I know when people walk into the dressing room they're going to
      be very impressed when they see the sweaters hanging up and their names over
      the stalls."

      Ellis just attended a camp in Toronto and said the Team Canada veterans have
      become pretty good hosts. "Our guys are from the olds school; we know how to
      get along with people. Our fellas will go the extra mile to make sure our
      guests feel comfortable with the environment. We were on the ice twice on
      the first day and it was very low key. We went through some drills, had some
      fun, had a little scrimmage. The next next day, for the Red-White game, we
      try to make it as real as possible with the anthem and the referees."

      It's a steep ticket (24 spots available at 1,572 each) but Goulet calls it a
      once-in-a-lifetime experience. he says the on-ice stuff is great, but the
      highlight for most people is the kibitzing in the dressing room, listening
      to stories about the Iron Curtain, the Russian food, hotels, spies, and
      behind-the-scenes stories from the series and life in the NHL.

      "We had one in Toronto that sold out in 24 hours," said Goulet. "You had
      CEOs that probably make $1 million a year just enamoured, with kids' eyes,
      as Brad Park talked about his days in Boston and the series. There was one
      guy, as Ron Ellis is taking a shower, who stood there and ­ don't
      misunderstand - looked at him and said 'I'm taking a shower with Ron Ellis!'
      It's not what you don on the ice, it's the personal touch you're getting. If
      you're one of those 24 special guys you'll hear all the stories."

      The date is April 4-6 and the goal is to raise $10,000 for Sports Central in
      Edmonton. The confirmed players are Ellis, Rod Seiling and Pat Stapleton,
      with three more to be named later. Ferguson and White are the tentative
      coaches. Tickets are available at United Cycle or by calling (416) 828-2929.


      Murray Greig
    • Joe Pelletier
      Many thank yous Murray! ... http://www.1972summitseries.com In bookstores Now: THE WORLD CUP OF HOCKEY http://www3.telus.net/worldcuphockey ...
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 3, 2003
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        Many thank yous Murray!

        --------Joe Pelletier----------------------
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