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  • William Underwood
    That s the one I heard... One thing was abudantly clear was that the players didn;t liek Harkness. A side story about Harkness. As a 17 year old college hockey
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 4, 2002
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      That's the one I heard...

      One thing was abudantly clear was that the players didn;t liek Harkness.

      A side story about Harkness. As a 17 year old college hockey aspirant I met
      Harkness. I went to Union for a campus tour prior to my senior year of high
      school. For a 17 year old he was as impressive as you get! His office had
      pictures of Gordie Howe and this great and that and I knew about his
      background. And he was a great college coach...

      He just didn't command a similar respect from NHL guys, poor Ned. He was a
      nice guy and I know guys who played for him that would crawl through hot
      coals for him...at the COLLEGE level. But he just lacked the pedigree that
      pros identify with and at the same time, I also think he didn't really
      understand what makes them tick. A lot of college guys simply don't. I
      worked in the minors with a guy who came form a big time college background
      once. We were on a two hour bus ride for the club's first EXHIBITION game.
      Now, the trainer and I got to joking and were laughing and few vets joined
      us. The coach said "coem guys pipe down and focus on the game..."He lost
      some vets that day! A guy who is a vet of maybe 500 pro games is NOT going
      to do like Joe College and get "hyped up" about a lousy first exhibition
      game! I smelled trouble and was rigght, the boys pulled the chute on him
      later on that year and eventually got him fired. I had to give the same guy
      a tutorial on the use of enforcers and explain to him why a certain smallish
      All American collegain with a CRAP attitude class 1A would never last and
      why he ought to put up with "eccentricities" of a certain veteran goal
      scoring machine...not everybody here will have short hair and wear shirt and
      tie especially once they've paid their dues--by the way what is it with
      college guys and hair, what would they do with Jagr...In the edn this is a
      big reason why you see so few college coaches make it in the NHL, unless
      they are ex players or paid their dues in the minors first. thye are form a
      different world. One where they are demigoues and their egos are often
      stroked by the world, sort of like the players have it in the NHL. Thye are
      not used to stroking nor are the players so there is a real clash of
      mentalities. One is used to "my way or I bench you and screw you" the other,
      "no MY way or the boys and me will fix your goose and good, the fans don't
      pay to see you they come to see us." Harkness was an early such clash and
      today it is even worse as players have more power than ever!

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      Sure of your Stemkowski story? The one I heard was that Harkness
      tried to impose a clean-cut dressing room, and Stemkowski had what we
      would call a mullet today. Stemkowski cut his hair real short, put
      the clippings in an envelope, and dropped them on Harkness' desk.
      The version I heard was that Stemkowski was off to the Rangers the
      next day.


      In fact Stemkowski was traded
      > after getting caught leading the team in a "gimme a C, gimme an O,
      gimme an
      > R,etc" cheer while wearing Harkness's old Cornell hat!

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