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  • benjamin@prcn.org
    I was surprised that there was a perceived need to intervene on any of the threads. I can only assume there were some significant difficulties before I joined
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 31, 2001
      I was surprised that there was a perceived need to intervene on any of the
      threads. I can only assume there were some significant difficulties before I
      joined the list. There were a few things said that could have been said
      better, but I didn't see anything I would consider really offensive.
      Conflict is okay in my books.

      > There are two threads I'd like to see killed:
      > NHL = horrible drivel

      I would like to see this thread permanently killed. A variation on this
      theme crops up in way too many topics and it dominates the listserv. I wish
      we could all agree to disagree and never touch the subject again, but
      whether one is a modernist or a traditionalist (or something in between)
      seems to colour all opinions.

      Almost all discussions eventually funnel into the same argument.

      It is not the conflict that is troublesome - it is that the subject is
      boring and frustrating. It is boring and frustrating even when I am one of
      the participants. Everyone has heard everyone else's arguments. We are all
      either preaching to the choir on this issue or trying to convert heathens
      who are quite happy to wallow in heretical thoughts. It is a religious
      argument, built around opposing articles of faith. It can never be settled.

      I don't have any good suggestions. A Great Schism? Two lists?

      > NHLPA/Union Hahahohoheehee

      Fair enough, but this is a subject I'd really like to learn a lot more
      about and illustrates the problem created by the Schism.

      The NHL is a labour market and the labour market is one of my career
      areas. I'd like to know more about the history of the NHLPA and how Eagleson
      convinced the owners in 15 minutes to recognize the organization. How
      Eagleson, Brewer and Pulford started out together and how Bobby ended up
      being part of the hockey establishment, how Brewer became a pariah, and how
      the Eagle ended up in jail.

      I think there are great gaps in the history. What really happened is very
      hazy. Who would not love to go through Carl Brewer's files? What happened to
      the 55 page report about Eagleson's NHLPA, the one written by Ed Garvey?

      How did the current collective agreement come into being? What kind of
      reasoning went into the agreement? Where are the courts going with the
      issue? There are a raft of subjects open to academic study, to labour market

      The impact of the collective agreement on NHL hockey is a very
      interesting topic. The impact on salaries of restricting free agency. The
      impact of the rookie salary cap. A study of arbitration decisions. Has the
      CBA impacted career length? Salaries have jumped. How much of that is
      expansion, how much of that is increased revenue, and how much of that is
      because of the CBA?

      I think there are ways to figure real answers to these questions, answers
      that go beyond mere opinion. How do we discuss this material while avoiding
      the usual spiral into Bettman bashing and responses to the Bettman bashing?

      I don't think it is possible.

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