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  • Albert Cummings
    All the best, Marco!!! Congratulations .....
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 1, 1999
      All the best, Marco!!! Congratulations .....
    • ripsnort@hockeymail.com
      Congrats, Marc!! --Lindsay The Falcon Porter It s okay, Officer. I m a goaltender. ***Lincoln, NE....Home of the USHL s Lincoln Stars!!***
      Message 2 of 11 , Aug 1, 1999
        Congrats, Marc!!

        --Lindsay "The Falcon" Porter "It's okay, Officer. I'm a goaltender." ***Lincoln, NE....Home of the USHL's Lincoln Stars!!*** (ripsnort@...)
        AOL screenname: FalconMIB
        Yahoo! ID: CarmanRacer
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      • James Karkoski
        ... Team Logo: See any Foster s Beer Can?? ... Strangely enough, by web surfing I managed to dig up a scouting report on MacArthur Foster. From:The On-Line
        Message 3 of 11 , Aug 3, 1999
          >From: "Marc Foster" <mfoster@...>
          >Team Foster Signs #1 Draft Pick

          Team Logo: See any Foster's Beer Can??

          >Oklahoma City, OK (AP) - Team Foster signed #1 draft pick MacArthur Brady
          >on July 31, 1999 at 7:55 P.M. after many long hours of labor negotiation.
          >MacArthur joins the team after spending nine months training with the
          >Oklahoma City Mighty Mites, a part of the Utero League.

          Strangely enough, by web surfing I managed to dig up a scouting report on
          MacArthur Foster.

          From:The On-Line Prospect Scouting Bureau

          Prospect Name: MacArthur Brady Foster
          Age: just born
          Agent status: postnatal (i.e.mother)

          Comment: Prospect is anything but a team player and seems to be aware
          only of his immediate needs and nothing else. His personal hygiene at
          times can be a bit discerning. His concentration focus is fuzzy at best,
          however when he does become focused, his concentration is unmatched, but
          he soon loses interest. Although his verbal level is poor, he is still
          able to communicate his immediate state of mind.We feel the ability to do
          so will increase once he leaves the hospital. His life style seems to be
          very nocturnal and he seems to sleep main;y in the day. His skating seems
          questionable, although we feel it is because he hasn't learned to crawl

          Advice to team: Although there are a myriad of problems with the prospect
          now, we feel that
          in time he will mature out of them. Since his potential is undetermined
          at this time, we advise the team to sign the prospect to a long term deal
          of 18 to 25 years in length and invest heavily in his development.


          Marc, Congrats!!!!!!
          My wife is a mid-wife nurse who is involved with teaching both pre and
          post natal mothers. If you have any questions, drop me some e-mail and
          I'll translate it to her.
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