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Researching Thomas Coulter

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  • James Karkoski
    ... Thanks for posting these, Jeff. ... Thanks for posting these dates, Marc. The Blackhwaks season started on Nov. 9 and ended on Mar.18 OKC s season started
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 1999
      >From: "Jeff Chapman" <jchap@...>

      >James, the list of Hawks game before Dec. 1, 1933
      >11/9/33 vs. Americans
      >11/12/33 vs. NYR
      >11/14/33 @ Habs
      >11/16/33 @ OTT
      >11/19/33 vs. OTT
      >11/21/33 @ BOS
      >11/23/33 @ NYA
      >11/26/33 vs. BOS
      >11/30/33 @ DET

      >>Their last game was March 18, 1934 vs. Toronto.

      Thanks for posting these, Jeff.

      >>Marc Foster wrote about the OKC schedule in 1933-34
      >>The first game was Thankgiving, November 30. while the last was March 20.

      Thanks for posting these dates, Marc.

      The Blackhwaks' season started on Nov. 9 and ended on Mar.18
      OKC's season started on Nov.30 and ended on Mar.20

      This information makes the research that still needs to be done on Thomas
      Coulter playing for the Blackhawks in 33-34 very simple.

      We know that Coulter played the 47 games in OKC, which is to say he was
      with the team the whole season. With the NHL season starting three weeks
      before the AHA season started, if Coulter did play for the Blackhawks,
      then it would be during this period before the AHA season got started.
      The two seasons ended almost on the same date, so we know it is not at
      the end of the season when he got called back to Chicago.

      Knowing when he could have played in the NHL makes the research a heck of
      a lot easier, you don't have to research the whole schedule, all you have
      to do is research the first three weeks of the season. And you now have
      the dates of all the Chicago games during this period above.

      As soon as Jeff posted these dates, if I was anywhere near a microfilm
      machine, I would have went and looked through some microfilm to see if
      Coulter's name appeared in any of these Chicago games. If I did see a "T.
      Coulter" in any game summary, then he's in the NHL stats. We kind of know
      that this thing about him breaking his leg in training camp is probably a
      hoax. The problem is I live about 3000 miles away from the nearest
      microfilm cowl.

      With all this info presented, I am kind of disappointed that no one
      picked up the ball on this one and went did the research on their own to
      see if Coulter did play or not. It is easy research and the answer is
      probably on one roll of microfilm. Although having a hometown newspaper
      would make gathering info on the Blackhawks a lot easier, any newspaper
      will do. All we are looking for is confirmation if he played and his name
      in any old summary will convince me, despite Total's claims, that he
      actually did play in the NHL in 1933-34.

      I would note the date/dates of the game to keep for future reference and
      if I was looking in a hometown newspaper for one of the teams that the
      'Hawks played I would read any game day articles. From what Marc posted
      on Coulter about being an "Olympian and and all around athlete", there
      might be mention of his appearance in the NHL. He sure wasn't the typical
      hockey player.

      >Gentleman, Starke and Coulter are only the tip of the iceberg. Let's get this
      >HRA off the ground to make hockey's records as accurate as possible.

      I defenitely agree with this. It is time that something starts to happen
      here. In the past couple of months I have posted four or five solid leads
      on some goalies in the NHL who aren't in stats anywhere, and there hasn't
      been one post back on them. I can only assume that there is no active
      interest on this list to pursue such NHL research .

      And I'm not going to ask anyone to take the time to go and research this
      one either. If you are interested in doing this kind of "clean up" on NHL
      stats, then wanting to do it should come naturally. So should the sharing
      of the information. This is what having a research group is all about.
      Anyone who is made to research what they don't want to research usually
      screws it up anyway.

      This whole thing about Coulter so far has been a total team effort.
      Someone first asked about if he played, someone posted back about why he
      is out of Total Hockey's stats, someone else posted that he actually
      played the whole season in OKC, someone else came up with something about
      him in OKC, and someone else posted the dates needed to research Chicago.
      Done freely and by a team effort, it has been easy to recognize this
      problem. None of us would have come to this by ourselves.

      And, every one has been a winner in this so far. For people like me who
      get a kick out of correcting number errors like this it has been great!!
      For those of you who don't care a whit about stats and are more
      interested in info about the players, Marc's post about Coulter gave you
      some great info on him which opens up many other leads as to where more
      info on him might be found. Everyone has gotten something out of this so

      But, the problem is that we haven't proved anything yet and the leg work
      about finding him as having played with Chicago still has to get done.

      I kind of wonder if everyone into stats on this list is as if at a poker
      table glancing around waiting to see who is going to lay down the first
      card. Who ever posted about Coulter threw a card down and is everyone is
      waiting to see who is going to play next one?

      If there isn't any interest in trying to correct and clean up whatever
      mistakes there are in the NHL stats as printed, then I'm not going to
      think about the NHL any more. There are other things I am interested in
      more anyway.

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