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1981 USA Goalie at Canada Cup

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  • Joe Pelletier
    Hello all. I m hoping someone can help me out in naming the third goalie (spare goalie) for Team USA in the 1981 Canada Cup. Tony Esposito, a converted
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2000
      Hello all.

      I'm hoping someone can help me out in naming the third goalie
      (spare goalie) for Team USA in the 1981 Canada Cup.

      Tony Esposito, a converted Canadian, and Steve Baker were
      definitely the top two goalies. Tony O played every game but
      one, which Baker played. Baker dressed as the backup for
      every game, with Tony O as the backup in Baker's start.

      Every team was allowed and/or supposed to have three goalies
      on their roster, one extra in case of injury. But there is no record
      of who was the third goalie for Team USA.

      Here's the round up of suspects:

      Jim Craig - was invited to camp but suffered an injury just days prior
      to the tournament starting. He was pencilled in as probably either
      the 2nd or 3rd before the injury. It is possible that he was named
      third with the thinking being the injury could heal by the end of the
      tournament, but all accounts suggest he headed home.

      Paul Skidmore - I have one account saying he was brought in to
      replace Craig after the injury, so this was late in the camp. However
      Skidmore himself says he attended camp but did not make the team.
      Thanks to Frank Liebmann for contacting him for me.

      Steve Janaszak - Janaszak (I may be spelling it wrong) was with
      the US national team in 1980-81 and according to Skidmore was
      at camp. Given his international experience and relative anonymity
      both at the time and then, I'm thinking maybe he served as the third.
      Pure speculation by me.

      Chico Resch - I think there is some misconception that Chico was
      with Team USA in 1981. He definitely was in 1984, and had gotten
      his US citizenship just prior to Canada Cup 1981, just like Tony
      Esposito. Resch was invited to USA camp but I have never been
      able to determine that he indeed accepted or turned down the offer.
      However it seems unlikely that he was at camp. There was a small
      stink at the time about how USA had recruited Tony Esposito. There
      was never any mention about Resch. Surely if Resch was there some
      article would have mentioned that USA recruited two Canadian goalies.
      And it is highly unlikely that Resch would be the third goalie behind

      According to Paul Skidmore there was another goalie at camp, a college
      kid from Notre Dame I believe who never went on to anything noteworthy.
      I suppose that other kid is a possibility. I'm thinking it is Janaszak although
      I was almost sure Skidmore was the guy last week.

      Does anyone know for sure?

      I am Joe! And I AM CANADIAN!!
      Hockey Over Time

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