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First Trottier, now Hull

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    It s good to be back in the US after a very hot stay in Cancun. Now here s a chilling story. It appears that Bobby Hull is auctioning off some of his game
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2000
      It's good to be back in the US after a very hot stay in Cancun. Now here's a chilling story. It appears that Bobby Hull is auctioning off some of his game used equipment and awards, etc., a la Bryan Trottier.

      Let's hope some people on the list can afford to nail some of these items before Upper deck or Pacific or Topps cuts them up for cards. I'll probably bid on at least one item, but having just been conned into buying my wife a Gucci bag, I'll most likely be on the sidelines for this one.

      Here's the story:

      Sunday, July 30, 2000

      Let the bidding begin!
      Bobby Hull auctioning off cherished memorabilia
      By DOUG LUNNEY -- Staff Reporter

      Sports memorabilia collectors -- especially those with an affection for Winnipeg's World Hockey Association glory days -- have an opportunity to bid on items once owned by the greatest Jet ever.

      You can even bid on the first jersey Bobby Hull wore as a Jet in 1972-73, starting at $1,000 US.

      A live telephone auction is being held Aug. 10 in Chicago by renowned sports collector Pat Quinn. It will feature 27 items from Quinn's Bobby Hull collection.

      "Mr. Hull has consigned some of his most cherished items to this auction and hopes you will enjoy them as much as he did," Quinn says in an auction catalogue.

      "Bobby has a whole warehouse full of stuff and he's decided to auction some of it off through Pat," said Bill Campbell, a collector from Selkirk, and a friend of Quinn's for 30 years.

      Some of the items available include: Hull's first NHL goal puck (Oct. 1957 at Boston); Art Ross Trophy plaque for the NHL's leading scorer ('59-'60); WHA all-star player trophy ('72-'73); WHA leading scorer trophy ('72-'73); 500 goal scorer's stick that Hull had signed by 19 other 500 career goal scorers; and Hull's watch from Chicago's last Stanley Cup winning team in 1961.

      One odd item is a New York Rangers training camp jersey, which Hull wore in 1982. The Rangers were trying to lure Hull to New York to join ex-Jets Ulf Nilsson and Anders Hedberg, a move blocked by Jets GM John Ferguson and Hawks GM Bob Pulford.

      'TIME TO SELL'

      Asked if he thought Hull needed the money, Campbell said: "No. I think he's just like anybody else. The memorabilia height is so great that it's the right time to sell.

      "I'm sure he's keeping certain items and disposing of some others."

      Campbell, as requested by Quinn, has kept his eyes open in Winnipeg for any of Hull's game-worn Blackhawks jerseys. Hull doesn't have one and would like to buy one, Campbell said.

      Hull's white original Jets jersey is from an extremely rare set, said Campbell, 48.

      "I've got Joe Daley's blue one," he said.

      Incredibly, all the blue first-year jerseys went to Thompson where they were used in a commercial league, Campbell said, adding the white ones went to the United States where WHA jerseys are a hot item among collectors.

      "The New York Raiders or New York Golden Blades -- they're very tough to get," he said. "The Baltimore Blades jerseys are probably the rarest of all WHA jerseys."

      To participate in the auction, bidders must pre-register at (708) 873-1195 by Aug. 8.

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