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Re: Canada vs America

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  • Bill Underwood
    Jim; One other point, 14 year olds weren t really signed by the NHL. Their rights were picked up by the myriad of agreements. This is not totally unlike the
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      One other point, 14 year olds weren't really signed by the NHL. Their rights were picked up by
      the myriad of agreements. This is not totally unlike the teenage phenoms that were signed in
      baseball during the same era in the US. At the time, the US public tought that this was great! It
      was our great sponsorship system, in fact my grandfather was one of them, and never saw a day
      outside of low minor semi pro ball! So the cultural statement goes for both sides iof the border.
      What about the mere children buried in the Yankee and Cardinal systems of the day. Canadians
      weree no more inscrupulous than us! They just diod it more with pucks than baseballs!

      Bill Underwood

      James Karkoski wrote:

      > From: James Karkoski <austin@...>
      > >From: Joe Pelletier <fuzzymonkey@...>
      > >
      > >> The problem with this Joe is that of you want to have "pro hockey" then
      > >> you have got to have "fans" to watch it.
      > >
      > >Thats never been the problem and you know it. The problem in Winnipeg
      > >and Quebec and sooner or later Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa is that
      > >there isn't enough corporate support. Lets face it, NHL arena's aren't
      > >filled with fans, but "corporate fans." Many real fans can't afford to
      > >go to a NHL game, be it in Canada or America. Canadian cities also
      > >don't have government support either. There's no lack of fan support.
      > Actually, I was speaking more in a historical sense than the modern one.
      > I disagree with the corporate thing. Having lived through an era where
      > there were alot of empty seats in both the NHL and WHA and there were
      > only 53 teams in all of pro hockey (1975-76 counting the teams which
      > folded during the year) at least someone or something is buying tickets
      > now.
      > Compare that with the 134 pro teams which were in existence last year,
      > and if corporations are buying the NHL tickets then aren't the fans
      > buying the minor league ones?
      > How many kids show up at minor league games these days??
      > I think one of the problems in Quebec, etc, Hartford, NY Islanders is
      > that in every one in of these places there are many secondary fans of the
      > teams. Before the Nordiques everyone was a Canadiens fan etc... and when
      > the intial excitement of having an NHL team wears away and the teams
      > keeps losing, then the fans who buy the nosebleed seats stop going and
      > start following their first team from afar like they did before. When
      > that goes on long enough the owner then wants to move to a place where he
      > thinks he will sell the nosebleed seats.
      > For the more established teams like the Bruins etc.. simply a competitive
      > year seems to turn the fans back.
      > >Sure. The NHL is a North American game. Its not a game, itsa corporation too.
      > Fact is,
      > >hockey is bigger than the NHL.
      > When you start making 14 year kids turn pro (in a sense), I guess that
      > would make the game as big as life itself. Just because I don't agree
      > with the commitment doesn't mean I can't understand it.
      > >> I have always found it kind of strange that a country which has always
      > >> thought of itself as "multicultural" could be so "monocultural" when it
      > >> came to one sport.
      > >
      > >We like curling too!
      > So does Denmark and Sweden if I remember correctly.
      > Oh, Ryan Stewart couldn't have played in Japan, they wouldn't let imports
      > over here from early 80s until the mid 90s.
      > James
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